Sounds delicious!

I thought I should share an IM conversation I had with my friend, Emily, a few days ago, in which she lists all the reasons she can come up with why I shouldn’t go to Korea — most of them because of the food! Emily has a pretty hilarious sense of humor, as you will see below…

Korea is a weird and scary place and you will HATE the food, I swear. I used to work in Koreatown here in NY and the food sucked a dick
It is full of scary small sea creatures not kidding
It was REALLY gross. And they crack raw eggs into everything
And all of the meat is something you can’t identify and it has fat all over it
And they LOVE to eat entrails and intestines
I am not kidding
And MSG is horrible for you
MSG is in everything
Whereas the US has chicken wings and burritos and burgers and OH… THERE IS NO CHEESE IN KOREA. That is not a lie
I swear
Asian food has no cheese and they don’t sell it in markets there
I am not kidding. I know a Korean girl here and I know people who have lived in Asia. They all say the same thing. Have you ever seen cheese in Chinese/Japanese/Korean food before?
Doesn’t exist
And their candy is made out of beans. Tastes like shit
Red bean cake and black bean cakes and weird jelly like things
I would rather shoot myself than live somewhere like that
Are you hearing me?!?!?!?!?!
Oh, and women are treated like shit
You will definitely get beat
So… Korea sucks basically end of conversation. We don’t need to discuss this any more.

My response? GOOD! Then I will get super skinny!!

-Jen Pace



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7 responses to “Sounds delicious!

  1. chris daugherty

    WOW, you guys have weird friends. Who would write all that??

    Anyway, I am excited for you, I just read your whole blog, I love the Jen/Dan posting in unison thing, makes for a good read but more than that, I am excited for you.

    I am working full-time for a high pressure asshole boss, total psycho-path!! I only get two weeks vacation a year, and well, it totally sucks. People like my aunt that wonder why you cant find jobs in the US or wonder why you want to leave the US are just trying to keep you here so you can be miserable like them (one of us! one of us!). But fuck them, if you DONT go to Korea, I will be disappointed in you. Not one person can offer you a legit arguement to stay here and live in isolation hyper competitve super suck-ville. I support you 100%

    Might I add, have you looked into China as well? Do they pay too little?

  2. Don, Dan's dad

    Wow, what a crazy bunch of rhetoric from your anti Korean food friend.

    Korean food is spectacular, colorful, and delicious. From stir fried chicken and pork, to fermented cabbage, (Kim-shee) and pickled bean curd.

    True, many foods are placed in pottery jars and allowed to ferment or sour. Seems hundreds of years of evolution have brought about many fermented dishes… does this scare your dim-witted little friend..? Germans have sauerkraut… Also pickles… How about cheese..? It is all cultured and fermented. But wait..!! What about beer!! It too is fermented, as is soy sauce..!!!

    She is so right. Korea is bad. That is why more than 100,000 plus Americans died there fighting communism in the 1950’s, and now they are a driving economic force throughout Asia. North Korea has only 2% GNP of South Korea.

    Korean terrorist..??? Sorry, go to the Philippines, or Malaysia and Indonesian for your Muslim backed terrorist groups. Not Korea.

    If you go to Kim Yom’s in Seoul, order the dog..!! My taste buds wagged their tails all day after that meal. And, the burps tasted better the second time around too..!!

    You’re going to be dead a long, long, long time… so get out there and see the planet, and live and breath and be part of life..!! Not some old knot on a log, complaining about how dismal your life was or is…

    John Lennon said, “Too many people wait all their lives for life to happen, and before they realize it, their life has passed them by.”

    Don, CEO of Camel Toe Brewery, and Willy Wonka’s Whiskey Works… Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  3. Lena

    lol I resent the Muslim-backed terrorist comment by Dan’s dad. I’m Muslim, but I won’t get into all that.
    I’m also Japanese and WE DO EAT CHEESE!!!!!! Everything we have here in the U.S we have in Asia. Being exposed to Korea town in NYC doesn’t mean you know all about a country you have never been to.

    • Daniel Daugherty

      Lena: Based on past experiences, my first reaction to your comment was, “Shit, my dad said something culturally insensitive and now certain friends will think I have the asshole gene.” After a thorough re-reading of the post and comments, I don’t think my father said anything for you to resent — though I think he was over-reacting to the post since as far as I can tell Jen’s friend said nothing about Muslim terrorist groups in her email rant.

      He may be mis-informed about the global dispersion of Muslim terror groups but surely didn’t say anything culturally offensive. The author of the rant, on the other hand …

      • Lena

        lol meh, I wasn’t serious in my resentment. but the ‘your muslim backed terrorist group’ might need some clarification. Who’s MBTG?

  4. jen

    the author of this rant… clearly no one understands her sense of humor. it was never meant to be taken seriously.

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