Departure Date Moved Up

FYI, Jen and I have decided to leave as early as April. Of course, this is dependent on finding an open position for that time-frame, but we’re already bored with sitting around and waiting for life to happen to us. We’re up for anything to help hasten our departure.

-Daniel Daugherty



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3 responses to “Departure Date Moved Up

  1. Mom

    Yeah, it does suck waiting for life to happen. That is being passive. I can remember being impatient, sometimes passive like that in the past too. I was young and looking for excitement. Jusst like you. I can’t say anything about the d ecisions you make because I made the same ones. The only tip I have is to make sure of the reasons you make decisions and never regret them.

  2. While I wasdoing some browsing and noticed your site looks a bit messed up in my Konquerorinternet browser. I think I’m the only one still using it….

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