Phone interview wrap-up

Jen and I just had a phone interview with someone from Adventure Teaching and we’re both feeling really positive.  It sounds like things will go much better than our time in Prague.Telephone

The interviewer was able to allay some of our concerns , one of the biggest being private schools.  Jen and I have both heard horror stories about companies not honoring contracts or giving employees terrible terms.  The mother of someone I knew growing up and who just arrived in Korea a few months ago recently intimated that her son gets no holidays!

The interviewer said public schools are generally more desirable work environments but that Adventure Teaching is pro-active in reviewing contract terms and maintains an on-going relationship with teachers once they arrive in their chosen destination.  Sorry to sound like a mouthpiece for this recruiting company, but after our Prague experience, we’re very glad to know there will be somebody backing us up.

Now we need to bear down and start getting documentation together for our visas.  I’ve never been so excited about dealing with government red tape!  I’m sure we’ll have more posts about the visa process once we get underway.

-Daniel Daugherty



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4 responses to “Phone interview wrap-up

  1. cindy

    Ever since you decided to go to Great Britain a number of years ago to meet someone you had never seen and had only communicated online with, I have not been concerned about you. I knew then that you would be able to take care of yourself. You had planned that trip down to the tiniest detail! You researched alot about how to get there, where you would go after you got there, and how to travel to your hostel once there. You knew how much everything would cost! before you left the country. Things might not have gone completely the way you wanted it go in Prague, but you learned a great deal. This time, due to experience, it will be a great deal smoother. I wish you luck, life and laughter.

  2. Marie

    Visa tip (and probably you’re already doing this, but just in case…) get your visa in the US.

  3. Jen

    Yes we are getting our visas before we leave. The company we are going with, Adventure Teaching, is basically telling us exactly what to do. When are you going to Korea Marie?

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