Updates: Daniel’s visa situation and Jen gets a job

Even though my last post said I had no hard departure date, everyone ended up asking “When do you leave?”  Funnier still, I was halfway through writing a post about how bored I was, waiting around to leave, and detailing the difficulty of managing my money when I didn’t know how long it would have to be rationed.  The very next day I received my visa issuance number (VIN) and now things are happening very quickly.

I have an interview with the Korean consulate in Atlanta on Tuesday afternoon, after which I will either get my passport returned through the mail or pick it up in person the next day.  I have a feeling I’ll be picking it up in person on Wednesday because I just learned that my employer wants me in country on Friday.  With time zones and daylight-savings time not yet in effect, Korea is roughly eight days ahead of us.  I think that means I should have left yesterday.

So now I have less than a week to obtain my visa, sort out a flight and pack my bags.  Oh yeah, and that part about rationing money?  Well, after paying to Express Mail my documents to the consulate, along with the processing fee, I have no more cash to fling around.

In other news, Jen got a job!  Details should be posted sometime this weekend.

If anyone wants to hang out before I leave, we’re camping/partying in Asheville tonight and I might be in Shelby tomorrow night to see a friend’s band play at Mi Pueblito.  Call me up for directions to the campsite.

-Daniel Daugherty


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