Hallelujah I’m hired!!

Finally! I have been offered (and accepted) a job in Korea. The position is at a school in Bundang, the same city where Daniel’s job is located. He and I will share his apartment and I will receive an extra 400,000 won (about $355) a month from my school since I won’t require housing from them. I was also told that my school is close to Daniel ‘s, so the commute should be short and sweet.

I’ll be teaching kindergarten five days a week, and then elementary school students three days a week after school. Daniel and I will have very different working hours. I will work 9:30-4:00 on Tuesday and Thursday and 9:30-6:00 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Daniel will work 2:00-10:00 Monday-Friday. It will be nice to have some time to ourselves after being stuck together at my mom’s while only semi-employed for the last eight months. And we’ll have the weekends to explore Korea!

But we are about to have a lot of time to ourselves… about six weeks!! Daniel should be leaving at the end of this week while I won’t leave until the last week of May. I officially start teaching on June 1, 2010 after what will be 11 long months of unemployment! I will have to think of some creative ways to keep myself busy while he’s gone. I am excited to attend my upcoming ten-year high school reunion (too bad I already passed the planning on to someone else!) and hopefully I’ll take some short trips to visit friends. Unfortunately, I will miss my BFF Breanna’s wedding by just a few days.

One thing that does suck is that the two weeks of vacation I get (the last week of July and a week around Christmas) is when Daniel is not allowed to take vacation time. It will be the times that public schools are out for break and while my school will be closed, his school will be having their “intensive” sessions for students. I guess I will have to make some friends or get used to the idea of traveling by myself because I definitely want to take advantage of my time off. After all, traveling is one of the mean reasons I’m going to Korea!

-Jen Pace



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3 responses to “Hallelujah I’m hired!!

  1. Julie Pace

    I am happy for you both and wish you well on your new aventure. I have enjoyed having both of you at the house. Daniel has been a wonderful help with odd jobs (cleaning gutters, trips to the recycling center, etc)…thank you….Jen – I’m glad we’ve had some quality time together and we have got along quite well. I’m sure I’ll have a bit of an empty nest syndrome for a while after you guys are gone….boo hoo…so far away . Well, I hope you both are studying hard on your Korean so you can communicate a little. I look forward to all your postings on faceboook….Love you both….

  2. Cindy Daugherty

    I am also sooooooo…happy for you. I know how difficult it is to be without a job, and in between jobs and living family. It is hard and difficult for all. Everyone must think of the others in the house and not just themselves. Nobody gets all the privacy they used to have. I and Daniels father had to live with his parents for a number of months while in between jobs waiting to go to Saudi Arabia.

    One thing I hope that you and Daniel learned and will remember and that is HOW important family is. Do not forget that. Families in the USA are are thought to be just as important as those in other countries think that family is important. No matter how hard it was to live at home again, and accept your mothers’ hospitality, where would you have been if it weren’t for her? Mothers’ are always ready to welcome their children back into the nest.

    I hope that we will get together before you leave, Jen. PLease make a date for me on your calendar.
    Love, Cindy 🙂

  3. Judy

    Hi Jen, I chance upon your blog while making internet search on Korea. Could you drop me a mail . I hope you can help me with some queries. Hear from you soon!


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