Traffic jams! Mt. Denali! Condoms! Daniel’s reached Korea

Asiana Airlines Boeine 747

The 747 that took Daniel to Korea

At long last I’ve arrived in Korea, sleep-deprived and safely pre-booked into a sex motel by my employer.  (More on that shortly.)

Though I’d normally be inclined to gripe about the dehydrated, entertainment-deprived hell I endured on a 13-hour trans-Pacific flight, I’d rather remark on the incredible notion that in 24 hours I covered nearly half the globe — as the crow flies, I should add.  The flight from Los Angeles (LAX) to Seoul/Incheon (INC) took our plane straight up the west coast to Alaska, across the Bering Strait, and then down to the Sea of Japan (East Sea if you’re Korean) before finally landing at Incheon.

I caught my first glimpse of the Rocky Mountains as we headed north and as we were over Alaska I got to see the un-mistakeable hulk of Mount Denali.  The only downside to the window seat was that I couldn’t retrieve my camera from the overhead bin in time to get a shot.  I also had no idea the route would be quite so scenic, else I’d have had the camera in my lap the whole time.

By the time the plane landed, I was feeling a bit nervous.  I was told I’d have a driver there to pick me up, but got the impression that he might not know where to take me.  I was relieved to see my name on a sign, front and center.  The driver even knew more than I did:  I’d be staying in a motel over the weekend and then moving into my apartment on Monday.  After a long drive through Seoul’s Friday-night rush hour, we arrived in Bundang.

I thought I was tired, but once left alone in the room I didn’t feel too sleepy.  Just turned on:

Bizarre mural

The black-light mural above the bed in Daniel's room.

In case you missed it:

Closeup of naked woman in mural


The mural and the generous supply of condoms on the bedside makes me think I’m one of the few occupants not paying an hourly rate.  The black lights were pretty useful, though.  My bed sheets were confirmed spotless!

Maybe it’s the soft porn on my wall, maybe it’s the excitement of finally being here, or maybe it’s the old man’s wheeze cough in the next room, but I’ve hardly gotten any sleep and finally gave up altogether around 4:00 a.m.  That means I’m drinking instant coffee and blogging to kill time before it’s late enough to go out and find a bite to eat.

-Daniel Daugherty



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4 responses to “Traffic jams! Mt. Denali! Condoms! Daniel’s reached Korea

  1. jen

    those are called love motels and are pretty common in korea. are you in bundang? when do you start teaching? who is coming to get you to move you into your apartment? so many questions wish we could talk on the phone!! i will set up a skype account soon.

  2. Marie

    Glad you made it! Updates on the quality of the food soon to follow, I hope? Ps: have skype.

  3. Jennifer

    Gotta love the Love Motels! We have stayed in some really nice one before too… like nicer than rooms at the Hilton here in the states! Glad to hear you made it safely! As far as food… Try “Bone Hei-jon-gook” However you say it in Korean. If you eat kimbop… go for Chamchi (tuna) kimbop. Go-gi mondu is also delish. (o:

  4. don

    funny, the lady in the mural does not look Korean at all…? What are they implying..?

    I once was woken up at 3:00 A.M. in a love motel by the couple next door going at it. I felt so close to them..! It was kind of creepy too…

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