I made it!

Well after about 64 hours of traveling, I finally arrived at my apartment in Korea at around 9am on Monday (Korea time). I left my house at 3:45am on Friday, had a smooth flight from Greenville to Houston, and then had a four hour delay in Houston due to a fuel leak. The delay caused me to miss my flight to Seoul and I was stuck in LA for a day and a half. While upset at first, I quickly realized I needed to look on the bright side… a free hotel room and meals and the chance to explore a new city!

Saturday morning I took the Ocean Express trolley to Manhattan Beach. Loved it! Such a nice neighborhood with cute houses and gardens. The beach was cool with lots of people riding bikes and running with their kids or dogs. A volleyball tournament was going on and there were several guys surfing. I walked out on the pier, went to the free aquarium, ate breakfast on a bench, read my Sookie Stackhouse book, and people-watched. I was surprised at the LA weather though – it probably only got up to a high of 70 that day.

After coming back to the hotel for lunch, I went on a tour of LA. Highlight: I am 90% positive I saw Katey Sagal driving down the freeway in a silver Mustang with “Sons of Anarchy” on the side. (For those of you who don’t watch the greatest show ever, she also played Peggy Bundy.) Another proud feat of mine was that I instantly recognized the diner where scenes of Reservoir Dogs were shot.

The first stop on the tour was Venice Beach… not a fan. I took pictures of some supposedly famous places, like the basketball courts where White Men Can’t Jump was shot and Muscle Beach where Arnold used to work out. It was windy so I didn’t go on the beach and the only other interesting thing was the people trying to lure you into medical marijuana stores where you could be seen by a doctor and given a prescription. Other than that, Venice Beach was crowded and cheesy.

Next stop: Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills. It was fun to see all the expensive stores and the Beverly Wilshire, which of course reminds everyone of Pretty Woman.

But the best stop was Hollywood. As a huge movie fan, I loved seeing the Kodak Theatre where the Oscars take place, the hand and footprints outside Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, and the stars on the Walk of Fame (although I didn’t have time to find the star of my favorite actor, Sean Penn). You could also see the Hollywood sign and take photos of it.

Our last stop was for dinner, at the Farmer’s Market. There were a plethora of food stalls to choose from and after buying an Orangina type soda and strolling around, I settled on Mexican food and had a delicious taco, rice, and beans.

When I got back to the hotel it was time to catch the shuttle to the airport and be on my way to Korea. The flight was so long and horrible. I felt nauseous and had an awful headache. It was 13 hours long and there were no good movies to watch, I drifted in and out of sleep. I also made the mistake of giving up my aisle seat to someone who asked me to because they said they had to go to the bathroom a lot. Not as much as I do! So I was constantly crawling over him.

But… I made it! Customs was a breeze, my luggage miraculously came on the same flight as I did, and after a short panic I found my driver. It took a long time to get from the airport to my apartment in Bundang due to traffic but when I finally arrived it was a relief. I got to see Daniel after six long weeks apart, took a very long nap while he worked, and then unpacked and cleaned the apartment. When Daniel got home we got a late dinner of ramen noodles and wandered the neighborhood.

Now I am about to go get ready for my first day on the job!!

-Jen Pace



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4 responses to “I made it!

  1. Don

    Glad you arrived safely. I would love to see the walk of stars… Sean Penn is my favorite male actor also. After that, Russel Crowe.

    You can do a lot with noodles!!!

  2. Zach

    Sounds like you had a good time in LA but why didn’t you go to Compton and take some pics for me?

  3. Laura

    I’m glad you made the best of the layover and got to do some sightseeing in LA, sounds like you had fun. One day I hope to be 10% as adventurous and you and Dan, but that may be a lofty goal. Hope that you are liking the job!.

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