World Cup

The major excitement this week was the World Cup. It is a really big thing here and everywhere you look there are Korea shirts, hats, and noisemakers for sale. Daniel and I got some gear at Home Plus: a hat and flip-flops for me, a t-shirt and devil horns for him, and awesome temporary tattoos. Friday night we went to a fried chicken and beer restaurant in our building to watch the opening game.

Then Saturday morning Daniel got a mohawk!

That night we went out with an expat group for a buffet dinner at the New Seoul Hotel. At the subway stop where we met, there were hundreds of people decked out in red and vendors selling raincoats, bracelets, scarves, and glow stick necklaces.

And let me tell you, Daniel was the most popular guy there with his new hairdo! Everyone wanted to take pictures with him and all the news crews were videotaping him. The dinner was fun, there was Korean and American food, but of course the best part was the all-you-can-drink beer! We made some new friends and played Daniel’s favorite drinking game, which he calls “finger cup”, and is actually more fun and not as weird as it sounds.

After dinner we headed to Seoul Plaza to watch the Korea vs. Greece match outside on big screens. It was raining and the crowd was packed so tightly that I didn’t last very long… I went home after about an hour.

Daniel on the other hand got home at 6am and is still sleeping!

Other Happenings:

The June birthday party was Thursday at school but I was late because I had to go apply for my Alien Resident Card that morning. I did get there in time to eat cake and pizza and see my two kindergarten classes sing their songs.

I went to the movies Thursday night with my coworker Ohee to see Sex & the City 2. Yes, I read the bad reviews but it was exactly as I expected it to be. Slightly entertaining and funny and I got tricked into thinking I was back in America for two hours! It was fun to go to the movies as that is one of my favorite things to do and I hadn’t been in awhile, and probably wouldn’t have figured out how to buy tickets if it wasn’t for Ohee! It was also nice to hang out with a girlfriend. 🙂

It is still hot and humid here, but I started taking the bus to school and it is so much better. It is a lot quicker than the subway and I am not all sweaty when I get to work!

I finally splurged and bought the next Sookie Stackhouse book! I also watched season two of True Blood and am looking forward to the season three premiere tonight! (Daniel and I have been catching up on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia as well… so hilarious.)

I tried a new Korean dish this week, donkkaseu, a breaded pork cutlet in a sweet brown sauce with rice and two (!?) tater tots. It was okay but the sauce was a little too sweet for me… I found a pretzel shop near school that I really like and have been to twice now. It is cheap, good, and the owner is super nice and speaks English. Daniel and I are planning to make a trip to Costco soon to stock up on some American food… here’s hoping they have ranch dressing as that’s one thing the redneck in me is craving! But I have lost 10 pounds in the 3 weeks I’ve been here so maybe I should stick to the Korean food!

-Jen Pace



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3 responses to “World Cup

  1. don

    go on utube…
    there are homemade ranch recipes there…

  2. go on utube…there are homemade ranch recipes there…

  3. Jen Pace

    we found some garlic ranch at home plus… not bad

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