Tie-Dye Field Trip

I was very excited to go on my first field trip here last week. We took all four kindergarten classes to a natural tie-dyeing place (couldn’t think of a better word than place… I even asked Daniel the “journalist”). After taking the bus for about 20 minutes, we arrived and walked through the woods to a lovely spot under lots of trees.

The woman in charge of the tie-dyeing explained the process to all the kids. It was in Korean so I couldn’t understand, but I was told the dyes were made from things like bark and leaves. Then each child got a white pencil case to dye, with the rubber bands already attached to create different patterns.

Next we went to another station to dye the pencil cases. They were large tubs of red, yellow, and blue dye. The kids had a blast, although most were not creative enough to think to dye their pencil case more than one color… I think the best part for them was getting messy!

Here are some of the finished products:




We hung the pencil cases up to dry and had lunch before calling it a day.

Class photos:

Royal Class with Lois Teacher and Jen Teacher

Future Class with Lois Teacher and Jen Teacher

After work that day, Ohee and I went to Seokchon Lake. We got ice cream, walked around, and took pictures of Lotte World.

Daniel and I had big plans to go beach camping this weekend, but unfortunately the forecast called for rain – and it did storm Saturday night – so we postponed our trip (hopefully we’ll make it there in July). Saturday was spent running errands in Seoul. We checked out books at Yohan English Library (I’m now reading The Alchemist… it’s very good) and bought American junk food at Costco (tortilla chips, cheese, gummi bears). We wanted to go to bar trivia Sunday night but we both felt horrible. I have been coughing like crazy lately (although I think it’s the air and not sickness) and had a fever and several sneezing fits this weekend. Luckily I felt much better Monday when I had to return to work!

Next weekend: river rafting!

Delicious non-Korean meals this week:

Burrito at Dos Tacos

Sicilian pizza at California Pizza Kitchen

-Jen Pace



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4 responses to “Tie-Dye Field Trip

  1. Cindy Norton

    Looks like you had a great time. The woods where the tie-dying place was is beautiful. I also read The Alchemist… great book. I enjoy reading your blogs, so keep the coming.

  2. Mary Baumgartner

    Hi Jen, These are darling photos of your class. Are you picking up any “Korean” words? I’m glad you’re enjoying being there. It’s quite a wonderful experience, isn’t it? Please keep me informed of your adventures In Seoul. Thanks.
    Love, Grandma

  3. don

    Great photos!!!!

    Reminds me of scouting trips with Daniel as a boy.

    You should develop a travel story behind the photos and submit it. They are really good.

    The burrito is making me hungry.

  4. Jen Pace

    thanks grandma and don 🙂
    i haven’t picked up any korean yet but i am going to start taking a class in august (after i get paid).
    the burrito is making me hungry too…

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