After six weeks here, homesickness has set in… last night I was feeling a little sad and lonely. Nothing bad has happened and my day-to-day life is fine and dandy but being in a strange land is just a little more stressful than I prefer my life to be.

On top of that I have been thinking about my “future” and all that crap… *sigh*. I feel like I am stuck in the middle between someone who is adventurous and wants to explore the world and someone who is very attached to her family, friends, and roots. Humans are complicated creatures, aren’t we?

Also I think maybe I am not doing a great job at school. Five of my elementary students have quit (I only have 20 so that’s 1/4!) and one kindergarten student’s mom called to complain because I wrote “PAY ATTENTION” in one of his textbooks. Because when we do listening exercises he never listens and it is so frustrating! I know it’s a different culture and they do things differently and I just have to accept that. But it’s a lot harder than I anticipated.

So… these are a few of the things I have been missing about home:

Road trips and wing night at Hannah’s with Zach & Kelly

Beale Street in Memphis

Chillin’ in the hot tub and playing board games with Ruth & Michael

We introduced Michael to the champagne of beers 🙂

Cooking new recipes every week

Salsa bars at Mexican restaurants

Hiking and traveling with my mom

Linville Falls

Caribbean Cruise

My cat Janie

Going to the movies and out to eat with Breanna

Random adventures with Tessa

The Horse You Came In On Saloon in Baltimore

Green River BBQ

Redneck Coronas

Not being the fattest person in the entire country

Not having to (attempt to learn how to) use chopsticks

A soft bed


There are a few advantages to living in Korea of course:

Having a job and money

Not living with my mom

Having the internet at home

Being able to lose weight a lot more easily

Milkshakes in a carton

The best fried chicken in the world 🙂

Yeah, that’s right, I listed losing weight and fried chicken together!

Highlight of my week so far: cooking class at school on Tuesday. We made “tortilla rolls”… which consisted of tortillas filled with strawberry jam, hot dogs, lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, and mustard sauce. Don’t ask me where they got the recipe but it tasted better than it sounds!

The director Lucia giving instructions

The delicious ingredients

Matt looks skeptical

Sarah and Lois Teacher

Tony chowing down

Since I’m already homesick, I’m a little bummed to be missing 4th of July festivities this weekend… especially since we were in Ireland for the holiday last year. I would really love to go to a cookout! But hopefully we’ll eat some American food on Sunday and have some adventures this weekend. 🙂

-Jen Pace



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4 responses to “Homesickness

  1. Don

    Ever notice all your posts concern food, eating and food… perhaps you should become a chef!!!

    Albeit, you won’t have many customers with tortillas stuffed with jam and hot dogs!

    Homesickness is like the desire to buy a new car… it will pass. Imagine how few people get to see the world. You are so more fortunate than the masses.

    Please post your recipe for non-fattening fried chicken.

  2. Cindy

    I agree with Don. The homesickness will pass. The Bible says “…this too shall pass.” But on the other hand we always think that the grass is greener on the other side. Really it isn’t. I think that if the grass seems to be greener somewhere else, then maybe you need to stop and make the grass where you are greener. That can take some work…but I know that you are capable of doing that.:)
    TAke care!

  3. Laura

    I’m glad we got to talk this morning (late night for you) and I’m sure the homesickness will pass. I know I would be missing my family and friends too, but you guys are having this unique experience that a lot of people won’t ever get to have. By the way, USPS website says that it would cost me $43 to send you a package. 😦

  4. chris

    whats up,

    I have been trying to catch up on all the posts by you guys. reading your is like reading one long Cathy comic. Keep your head up, if you can put up with Dan for so many years then you can find a way to have a fun time over there. The definition of fun is relative, try using their definition! good luck

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