All the Crap I’ve Been Doing

Life has been busy since my last post. Guess I haven’t had much time to be homesick! 🙂 Unfortunately I couldn’t think of a title for all the random shenanigans so you’ll have to bear with me…

Last Saturday Daniel and I went to Lotte World, which is a giant indoor amusement park. They also have an ice skating rink, arcade, bowling alley, shooting range, folk museum, and lots of stores and restaurants. We watched ice skaters, played games in the arcade, went shopping, and had drinks at a cafe.

cell phone charms I won from a game 🙂

my super sexy boyfriend

comfy pink chairs at the cafe

Sunday was the 4th of July and we got to go to a cookout after all! A bunch of American teachers grilled out on an apartment rooftop. We had delicious burgers, steaks, and cheese sausages along with plenty of Korean beer. Afterward, Daniel and a bunch of the guys played a quick game of football and then we went to play bar trivia, which I had been wanting to do for awhile. We came in second place but we are going back tonight and I have a feeling we can win it!

Thursday was the July birthday party at school. Don’t let these pictures deceive you, the kids aren’t nearly as sweet as they look! 🙂



all the birthday kids

interviewing Edward

Alvin's hilarious dancing!

Future class with their awesome teachers Jen and Lois

Friday I finally got my first paycheck!! That night I went to Insadong with Ohee. It is the main souvenir shopping street in Seoul. I bought some gifts to send to my family and a fan, necklace, and headband for myself. Then we went out for fried chicken and beer, my favorite Korean meal of course!

Yesterday Daniel and I went to Seoul Racecourse Park. Even though everything was in Korean, we easily figured out how to place bets. We stayed for four races… Daniel won the first three and I won the last one! He made about $40 and I ended up breaking even.

and they're off!

my winning ticket

We are really excited for our trip to Japan in two weeks! I booked a day trip to Mt. Fuji so that should be awesome!

-Jen Pace



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2 responses to “All the Crap I’ve Been Doing

  1. Mary Baumgartner

    Hi Jen,
    It s ounds like you’re really taking in all the sights and working with the “little angels” too. Have a great time in Tokyo and Mt. Fuji. It’s a great time to go while the weather is summerlike. Love, Grandma

  2. Beth

    That’s so awesome that you are getting to go to Mt. Fuji! I really wanted to go when I was there and I never got a chance.

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