Our Apartment

I know Daniel had a post when he first moved here about our apartment but I thought I’d update that with more pics now that our place is a little more “lived in”… but still pretty bare and ugly!

When you walk in you see our lovely doormat, the combo washer/dryer, and one of our many trash cans. We have to divide the trash and recycling into many different categories: trash, wet plastic, dry plastic, paper, bottles, cans, cardboard, etc. Luckily for you readers I didn’t take pictures of all that crap! So on either side of the “foyer” are closets where we hide our trash and shoes. 🙂

Next is the bathroom, which I actually forgot to take pics of, but you can see it in Daniel’s slideshow if you’re that curious! Just a shower, toilet, sink, small counter, and medicine cabinet. I can’t wait to take a bath the next time I am home!

Our kitchen is basically in a hallway. I am pretty disappointed with our lack of appliances as I really love to cook and bake. All we have is a stove and some weird mini-oven thing that just burns the top of whatever you put in it in about 30 seconds.

our kitchen

the stove/oven/dishwasher combo

On the other side of said hallway is our bedroom… which pretty much only fits our bed. I measured the bed and it is between a twin and double American size. We manage to both sleep on it comfortably. Notice the ghetto mismatching pillow cases and our sleeping bag as a blanket! And we both have closets in the bedroom, pretty small but we don’t have much stuff anyway.

the ghetto bed

my sentimental corner

my closet

Last but not least, our amazing living room! Ha ha. We have a desk with two chairs… being obsessive-compulsive, I put a ruler down the middle so we each have our own space. Take a look at the photo and guess which side is Daniel’s! Then there is the TV, which I turn on on occasion to see what random American movie is on. I would probably watch it a lot more often if we had a remote! All the other furniture in there was salvaged from the dumpsters by Daniel… the coffee table (spruced up by my H&M scarf), couch (made sanitary enough to sit on by throwing a sheet over it), hideous brown chair that I will never sit in, and bookshelf, which holds all our treasures.

divided desk

daniel's "corner" (homebrew supplies)

I’m sure this post was fascinating for all! 😉

-Jen Pace


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  1. don

    I found the remote!!!!

    Just go to Daniel’s slide show..!!

    It is somehow, attached to the toilet!!!!

    Is that Korean convenience, or what??

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