Noraebang and Baseball

Another busy week!

Last Sunday we went to trivia night at Dublin’s (an expat bar in Bundang) for the second time. We still didn’t win but we did win two beer rounds. For one round we were supposed to send up our best smoker. None of us smoked but Daniel volunteered to go up. And he smoked a cigarette faster than all the people from the other teams… who all smoked! So we won a pitcher of beer. For another round they said to send up someone who likes to eat unusual things. Another guy from our team went up and… ate a piece of paper faster than anyone else! Gross, but another free pitcher. 🙂

Unfortunately, on the way home I had a rather unpleasant incident. Daniel stopped off at the convenience store to buy ramen (he has some issues with late night eating!) and I continued through our apartment building. A drunk guy stumbled out of one of the restaurants and started following me, speaking to me in Korean and definitely invading my personal space. When I got to the elevator and stopped, he just leaned over and put his hands on my boobs! I was in shock. I ran far far away and luckily he did not follow. Creepy! Thankfully my mom is mailing me some pepper spray soon!

Last week at school we had a field trip. We went to see a musical, which was all in Korean, but after some extensive Googling I am pretty sure it was at least based on The Six Swans (which I have never heard of). I could follow the story even though it wasn’t in English and we had a fun time. Even more fun was taking pics on the bus back to school. 🙂

both of my kindergarten classes with the cast from the musical

jen teacher and agnes teacher on the bus

tony, matthew, and paul

annie, alex, and jen teacher

Thursday night we went out for bulgogi and it was delicious! The meat was so spicy and yummy. We will definitely be frequenting this restaurant, which conveniently is right when we walk out of the elevator in our apartment building!

Friday night Ohee and I went to see Eclipse. It was so good… I love Edward Cullen! Afterward I met up with Daniel and some of his work peeps for dinner and drinks. Several rounds of “finger cup” later, we decided to go to a noraebang (place with private karaoke rooms). Singing (and watching boys booty dance with each other) until 4am was pretty fun…

Saturday was our boring day. Daniel and I went to the library, and then to an English bookstore. Stocking up on reading material! We wanted to go to the new Taco Bell in Seoul but the line was so long! Hopefully the novelty wears off soon.

Sunday we watched the Doosan Bears play the Lotte Giants at Jamsil Baseball Stadium. Unknown to us it was 50% off day, so we really lucked out on ticket prices! It was pretty humid and boring though, and after four beers I was definitely ready to go home.

they threw out orange plastic bags to make into hats to cheer for lotte... it was odd

We had started planning a vacation to Taiwan in September as there is a three day holiday called Chuseok, which is like a harvest festival/Thanksgiving in Korea. Unfortunately the holiday is Tuesday-Thursday and I have Friday off and Daniel has Monday off! We are trying to work it out, and will definitely go somewhere during that time. So ready for Japan in five days!

-Jen Pace


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