Flea Market

Today at school we had a “flea market”. All the kids donated used toys and other stuff, and we had a “store” so the kids could buy things. We also had a bank (giving out fake American money), a grocery store, a cotton candy shop, and a snack shop. I was in charge of the snack shop.

pretty fancy decorating, huh? 😉

Lois Teacher set up the lovely toy store…

Agnes Teacher sold fruit and vegetables…

Bobby Teacher spun the cotton candy…

I always love Lucia Teacher’s balloon creations! 🙂

I sold popcorn, mango slushies, and tteokbokki (a really yucky Korean snack – but not as gross as this which stinks soooooooo bad).

Jennifer Teacher and Rachel Teacher at the snack shop

some happy customers

On a side note, I got a haircut today… I think it looks pretty good considering I had to use hand motions to explain what I wanted!

-Jen Pace


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  1. cindy

    WOW! I hope they could do a simple haircut like you like! and you are looking good! i can’t wait until you look like you did when you lived in Charleston, you wore the cutest little clothes! It was like dressing you uplike a doll! I loved it!

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