“Teacher Daniel’s Crazy Life”

A couple weeks ago our school had term tests. These are bi-monthly exams to check and see if students can advance to the next skill level. The exams include a lengthy vocabulary and grammar section, a simple conversational speaking test, and a writing test where students must answer a general essay prompt.

Some students received the following prompt:

Write a fictional biography of your teacher. Make up all of the details.

The two below were notable not just for their general hilarity but because they both independently decided that my mother would have foregone breastmilk in favor of beer. 

The two essays are presented here with my students’ permission.

From TEFLorBust

Note: Cham-i-seol is soju, a vodka-like liquor variously made from rice, potatoes, wheat, barley and sweet potatoes. ABV is generally 18-22 percent.

From TEFLorBust

Makes you wonder how they know me so well!

-Daniel Daugherty



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2 responses to ““Teacher Daniel’s Crazy Life”

  1. Cindy

    Hilariously funny!! How do your kids know you so well? I forgot how old are your students? teens? right? dinosour? Beer instead of milk? you willbe dead at 20yrs 0ld, he must mean 30!! because you are still alive. You act realy different from humans? LOL LOL I can’t stop laughing!

  2. Don

    I was impressed at how much they knew about your development years.

    This also explains your passion for beer and all things containing alcohol.

    Have fun!

    Dino Dad

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