Red Bean Sno Cones

Well it turns out Emily was right about Korean food! A lot of their desserts DO have beans in them… interesting. Today we had another cooking class at school and we made red bean sno cones. I can’t comment on the taste because I made mine without beans!

You start with a cup of shaved ice. Next add some kind of milky yogurty syrup (sorry, don’t know the English name), red bean paste, fruit, cereal, candy, and rice cakes (like sweet marshmallows). Top it off with chocolate syrup and a chocolate wafer stick. Stir. Voilà!

the ingredients

jen teacher in her snazzy apron

daniel and jamie

tony picking out his toppings

finished product!

enjoying their sno cones

In other news:

I turned 28 this week. 🙂 This was actually the first year I have ever worked on my birthday! But it wasn’t so bad. At school they bought me a delicious cake and gave me some nice Origins bath products (as they do for every teacher). That night Daniel and I went to Mad Garlic for dinner since I really wanted a steak. I got the Garlic Hug Steak and let me tell you, this place really is mad for garlic… see the pic below! While delicious, the steak cost about $30 and all it came with was the meat, no sides. So that was a giant disappointment and I had to fill up on nachos and popcorn at the movie theater afterward! We saw Inception, which is a great film and I highly recommend it. The next night Ohee and I went out for fried chicken and beer. My celebrations become more low-key the older I get, but that’s just fine with me!

happy birthday to me!

would you look at that mound of garlic!?!

Booked our flights and accommodations for Taiwan! Daniel gets there Sept. 18th, and I meet him there Sept. 21st. We will stay for two nights in Hualien at C’est Jeune Hotel and take a day trip to Taroko National Park. Then he leaves on the 23rd and I stay for three nights by myself (in a private room at least) at the Camels Island Shida Hostel. Excited!

-Jen Pace



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4 responses to “Red Bean Sno Cones

  1. cindy

    Where is the steak! ?????

  2. cindy

    Oh yeah, the kids look cute in their aprons! 🙂

  3. chris

    red bean sweets is funny!

    In Rep. Dom. they make a thing called “dulce de abichuela,” which is literally “sweet of bean,”

    so they are not the only weirdos out there! haha

  4. Don

    That steak looked perfect!

    The rarer, the better!

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