Bored in Migeum

My weekend started off with good intentions. I had plans to meet the “Movie Lovers of Seoul” group to see my first Korean movie (with English subtitles!), This Man. Then it was canceled a mere hour before I was supposed to leave. Extreme boredom ensued as I could not figure out what to do with myself and really wanted to get out of the house since Daniel and two of his friends were brewing beer, which made the apartment really crowded and stinky!

After being lazy, attempting to finish report cards that are due Monday, and watching as much of a Twin Peaks episode (weirdest show ever) that would load with our stupid slow internet, I finally ventured out with my camera to take some random photos of our neighborhood for all you folks back home. Here goes…

our go-to convenience store

bus stop

subway station

the frypan... yummy chicken strips and spiral potatoes

my fave fried chicken joint

most delicious bulgogi ever

where i go for mango smoothies

Unfortunately it only took about 10 minutes to get all those shots, so I hopped on the subway to the next stop, Ori, where there is a movie theater. And lucky me, I got there just in time to see Piranha 3-D. So you can tell I was desperate for some entertainment… back home I would never ever ever go see such a craptastic movie. However not too many decent American films make their way over here so it was that or The Expendables. I’m not a huge action movie fan and sometimes horror movies manage to be so bad they’re funny. Piranha 3-D was indeed bad but at least my mind was occupied for an hour and a half. Also I had never been to a 3-D movie before so that was pretty cool. I especially appreciated the effects when Jerry O’Connell’s dismembered bloodied penis was floating around in the lake… gross.

Now I’m back at home, hanging out by myself on a Saturday night. I have plans to meet friends tomorrow at one of the swimming pools by the Han River in Seoul but knowing my luck it will probably rain. 😦

Cooked my first “real” meal in Korea this week… apple cheddar chicken and macaroni and cheese. It was delish! Also I bought a small oven so I plan on making my legendary chicken roll-ups this week. Can’t wait!

Haven’t been loving school/teaching lately… not sure I want to do this for more than a year. I have been having a lot of trouble managing one of my kindergarten classes, and one unruly student in particular. Was told that maybe the reason they don’t listen to me is because I’m “boring” and have “a flat voice” so that was upsetting. I just have to remember not to be too sensitive and not to let all the cultural differences get to me. We also have parent meetings next week which is nerve-wracking!

On a lighter note, I am now a contributor to Adventure Teaching’s (my recruiter’s) blog and they’ve put up two of my posts so far…

DMZ Tour

Horse Racing in Korea

-Jen Pace


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