Dinosaur Park Field Trip

Our September field trip was to a dinosaur “park”. Not really sure what the right word for it is. Originally we thought we were going to a dinosaur museum, but that was definitely not the case. It was pretty tacky with all the massive colorful fake dinos and photo opportunities but the kids had fun and that’s what matters, right?

First the kids listened to a guy talk about dinosaurs for like half an hour… I was so bored as I always am on field trips since I don’t understand the language.

Then they dressed up as cavemen/women (caveboys/girls?) which was pretty cute.

Next we watched a 3-D movie which wasn’t even about dinosaurs. It was a bunch of animated bugs speaking Korean. Whatever, it was fun. Some of the kids were scared which was pretty funny.

The kids really loved making their own dinosaur fossils out of clay.

And for the last activity, we dug for fake dinosaur bones in the sand.

Other highlights of the week:

Sons of Anarchy season three premiere was Tuesday! If you don’t watch this show, you should. It’s my absolute favorite. I am naming my firstborn son after the main character I love him so much. True Blood season finale is tonight. 😦

jax teller in all his badassness

Thursday I felt like total shit with a sinus headache and sore throat. Friday I was mostly better but then yesterday my throat really hurt again and today I can barely talk. Ugh!

Friday night I babysat for the second time for an American family. They also passed my info along to some friends and Daniel and I will be house/dogsitting for them next weekend.

Yesterday Daniel and I enjoyed an expensive, delicious Italian lunch… gorgonzola pizza and sausage pasta. Mmmmmm. Then we went to a store called I Love Cookie. Tons of American food packed into one tiny space. It is so overwhelming, and even more so since there are no prices on anything! But I went there with a purpose and walked out with tortillas, sour cream, and brownie mix.

We had poker night last night and I made the brownies along with my famous five-layer Mexican dip and cream cheese pinwheels. Emma cleaned up and took all of our money but it was still fun, and I now have a basic understanding of Texas Hold ‘Em.

Heading out now to go to the movies (Killers – it will probably suck but my options are limited!) and meet a new friend for dinner.

Taiwan in 9 days!!

-Jen Pace



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2 responses to “Dinosaur Park Field Trip

  1. Karla

    Thumbs up for Sons of Anarchy!! I love that show!!

    Sounds like you guys are enjoying it over there. The pics of the kids were so cute.

    Sorry about Texas Hold Em—–I lost my butt one time. Notice I said ” one time”.

  2. Mary Baumgartner

    Hi Jen, It brought back memories about the dinosaurs. I remember so well how much you loved them when you were about the same age as your little ones. Do you remember? It’s so great getting your messages from South Korea. I have to laugh when I think how hearing all that Korean spoken must “mystify” you. Ha! Love, Grandma

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