Bored. Again.

Lately it seems I am either very busy on the weekends or bored out of my skull. No in between. This weekend is shaping out to be the most boring yet.

Friday night I was so bored I went to bed at 8:30. Yesterday wasn’t too bad but nothing exciting. Daniel and I went to the river for a picnic brunch and then later went out to dinner where I did have my best meal yet in Korea (pasta with Alfredo sauce, Cajun chicken, sausage, and broccoli). We are also house/dog sitting so I was able to take advantage of the DVD player here (we have one but don’t have a remote so we can’t watch anything!) and watched FOUR movies yesterday. But today I need to get out and do something!! Any ideas? Oh, and it’s raining.

gretchen and uli

Well to stave off my boredom for now I will continue to tell you about my week…

I experienced the wonder that is Bongseonhwa. Many women and girls here have their nails dyed orange and I always wondered why so many people had the same color! Well now I know. Bongseonhwa is a flower and you can use the leaves to dye your nails. “Traditionally dyed nails are considered to be very beautiful and it is said that if your nails are still orange by the time the first snow falls, you will marry your first love.” (Thank you Google for that bit of info.) So on Tuesday Ohee came over and we dyed our nails. You can buy the dye in powder form and then add water to make a paste, which you then apply to your nails with a Q-tip. It was a fun experience, and I am curious to see how long the dye will last (months apparently)!

the brown paste on my nails

ohee applying the paste to my nails a second time

finished products!

This week’s science class was pretty scary. The kids made fire extinguishers. And of course what good is that if they don’t have a fire to put out?!? In spite of my fears, everything went smoothly and there were no mishaps. 🙂 It was actually pretty awesome. They put sodium hydrogen carbonate in a bottle, then attached two plastic tubes with clay. They inserted a syringe of vinegar into one tube and I held the other tube up to a candle flame. When mixed, the sodium hydrogen carbonate and vinegar made carbon dioxide, which put out the fire. Cool! Even I am learning new things in kindergarten!

What I cooked this week: Baked spaghetti and zucchini. It was so yummy!

Looking forward to lots of my TV shows starting back this month. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia returned this week and HBO has a new show starting tonight that sounds really good, Boardwalk Empire.

For our requisite monthly Korea trip, we are going Sea Fishing & River Trekking with Adventure Korea October 16-17. It will be our first overnight trip in Korea, since we still haven’t managed to go camping yet!

And I just had to add this picture of Violet because I love it!

Well, I guess Daniel is going to attempt to entertain me now… I will probably have another post tomorrow about Chuseok. Taiwan in two days!!

-Jen Pace


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