Itaewon, Transportation Museum Field Trip, & Han River Cruise

It’s 7:30pm on Sunday and I am still in my pajamas, haven’t showered, and have barely gotten off the couch… first time in a LONG time to not leave the house all day! So what better way to prolong my bumness than by writing a blog post?

The highlights of the past week and a half have been a visit to Itaewon last Saturday, a field trip to the Transportation Museum on Thursday, and a cruise on the Han River last night.

Itaewon is the popular foreign neighborhood in Seoul. Souvenir shops, vendors selling fake Abercrombie shirts, every kind of restaurant you can think of, and tons of whities. It doesn’t even feel like you’re in Korea. Lots of foreigners go to Itaewon every weekend to get wasted at the numerous bars and clubs but this was only the second time I’d been there. We headed there in search of two things: BBQ and Halloween costumes. We had lunch at Corner Bistro and the pulled pork sandwich was pretty delicious:

Daniel found most of the necessities for his Great Pimpkin costume there: a velvet hat, bling-bling gold necklace, orange shirt, and pumpkin sunglasses. I had no luck however. We also stopped at What the Book where I got the next Sookie book as well as the October issues of Marie Claire and Glamour… my first magazines in five months! We finished off the day with drinks at Los Amigos. The restaurant seemed pretty authentic so we hope to go back for their Halloween party and try out the food then. Oh, and Daniel also found a super sweet flask belt buckle:

Our monthly field trip in October was to the Samsung Transportation Museum. A little boring for me, but as always the kids seemed to enjoy it. We started off outside where we learned some safety rules, like how to cross the street without getting hit by a car.

Then we went inside the museum and looked at all the shiny cars. One of my students, Alex, had lots of fun climbing over the ropes and touching the shiny cars. Not cool! We also got to play a car video game and take photos inside one of the cars.

We finished off the day with a picnic.

Yesterday was another long day out in Seoul. See, to go most places in Seoul it takes at least an hour and half on the subway. It is usually faster to take the bus but the system is so confusing and overwhelming. Anyway we left at 2pm and I got back at midnight. (Daniel got back at 9am!). We went to a Halloween store I had heard about online and I was pleasantly surprised. I got some accessories so I can dress up as a witch for school. I might make my own costume and go as a Rubik’s Cube for whatever Halloween party we go to. And Daniel found the final accessory for his costume, a cane. (Which might be a good thing to carry around on the subway… last night, an old man tried to get me to sit in one of the priority seats because I was carrying the cane!) Daniel would also make a cute bunny:

We once again had good intentions to go to the wax museum. We went all the way to the 63 Building and were eating dinner in the food court. But there were three of us and only two free tickets, and we didn’t have much time before we were supposed to meet people for the river cruise… so when a Korean couple walking by stopped and showed Daniel how to open his beer bottle using a spoon, I gave the tickets to them. They seemed pleased. 🙂

And then the cruise was postponed for an hour and half. It was Daniel’s friend’s going away party and some of the people didn’t get there on time. So I guess we would have had time for the museum! Instead I bought a fun glow-in-the-dark toy to occupy myself and there were also some fireworks. The cruise was okay, maybe next time we will opt for the Magic Cruise or the Beer & BBQ Cruise. I guess I just wasn’t really feeling it after four beers… plus the boat just kind of went in big circles, so we saw the same sights over and over again. I’m glad Beth was there to hang out with me though!

Other randomness:

My cheese-based dinner this week was a salad with black beans, corn, feta, and a lime vinaigrette. Would have been yummier with tomatoes but they have gotten so expensive here!

I bought two pairs of shoes this week… gray flats with a big flower on top and black boots. Going back to E-Mart this week for a third pair, brown corduroy knock-off TOMS. Also have had fun Christmas shopping online for HOURS this week!!

Planning our next trip… Lunar New Year in the Philippines. I’ve picked Puerto Galera on Mindoro, since it’s the closest beach resort destination to Manila, which is the cheapest airport to fly to from Seoul. All I want to do is relax for five days. 🙂 We are debating between Sandbar and Out of the Blue. Both are rated #1 on TripAdvisor in their categories (inn and hotel) and cost the same. Which do you think sounds better?

Today I happened to go to Shutterfly and discovered hundreds of photos I had saved there four years ago and forgotten about! I was so excited and spent hours editing and uploading them to Facebook. Here are some of my faves:

our apartment in prague

charles bridge in prague

pilsner urquell brewery

looking glass rock

my 24th birthday

my favorite 🙂

We have decided to have Daniel’s birthday party at Oktoberfest next weekend. Fun fun!

-Jen Pace



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7 responses to “Itaewon, Transportation Museum Field Trip, & Han River Cruise

  1. Laura Matthews

    Hi Jen,
    Loved your blog. I vote on “Out of the Blue” for your next vacation in Puerto Galera. Love and miss you.
    Laura 🙂

  2. Don

    Wrap that salad in a tortilla and toss on some sour cream! It looked really delicious!

    Get a photo or two of the Great Pumpkin…

  3. Jen Pace

    if only tortillas and sour cream weren’t so hard to come by and expensive here…

    there will be many pics of the great PIMPkin!

  4. Jen Pace

    thanks for the vote aunt laura 🙂 sandbar is just really tempting because of the private beach…

  5. Mary Baumgartner

    Hi Jen, I love the way you’re always smiling in your photos. That last photo of you and Dan is so lovely. You should get that one enlarged. Was that taken in Prague? Have fun at Dan’s birthday at Octoberfest next weekend. Tell him happy birthday from me. Thanks, Love, Grandma

  6. Jen Pace

    thanks grandma, that photo is in mom’s garden!

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