Seoraksan Hiking Trip

This weekend we went on an overnight hiking trip to Seoraksan with Adventure Korea. It was a great trip; the hikes were easy enough, the weather was perfect, and the fall colors were beautiful.

Yesterday we had a choice of three hikes. Caroline and I chose the easiest and Daniel, Mike, and Karen chose the hardest. They went to Ulsanbawi Rock and we hiked to Biryong Waterfall and then took the cable car up the mountain. We had some free time left so we also strolled the grounds of the main area of the park and saw a giant Buddha statue and Sinheungsa Temple. That night we checked into our hotel, ate a delicious bulgogi dinner, and drank and sang at the local noraebang.

Today we went on another hike, starting from our hotel. It also went to a waterfall but Daniel and I were tired and more into taking photos than hiking so we turned around after about an hour. Then we explored the small town we stayed in, ate lunch, and headed back to civilization.

Oh yeah, near where we went is Samcheok Haesindang Park aka “The Penis Park” so on the way home we saw lots of interesting statues and such at the gift shop…


Here is a photo from the first Burger King “English lunch” with my students.

We made “bug masks” in Fun Science this week.

The cat has been driving me slightly crazy. I was in a really shitty mood on Friday because Bella had kept me awake for five nights (meowing and trying to get in the now child-proofed kitchen cabinets and drawers). Also she has been puking nightly, which her previous owner neglected to tell us happens “sometimes” until she dropped the cat off. Then she puked four times under the bed Friday evening and I was so pissed. But she finally let me sleep through the night Friday so we’ll see if she gets better about that. I hope so. I want to keep her but I need my sleep damnit!

My latest post on AT’s blog: OK Kitchen. Also my Dr. Fish post was their most-viewed ever, 153 hits in one day!

Happy 75th birthday to my grandmother! My family threw a party for her this weekend in Celebration, FL. I wish I had been there! Love you Grandma, one of my loyal readers!

50s theme... love the poodle skirt grandma!

-Jen Pace



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6 responses to “Seoraksan Hiking Trip

  1. Don

    The cat is missing a needed item in it’s diet, and that is why it is puking. Trying to cough up fur balls from it’s grooming itself.

    I am not a cat expert, so Google it. My neighbors cats love old bacon grease, and stuff like that. It helps them digest their consumed fur deposits.

    Sweet and sour sauce on tempura kitty meat is quite tasty too!

    Most people put the cat out for the night…


  2. Mary Baumgartner

    Hi Jen,
    Thanks so much for that beautiful “sentiment” you sent for my 75th birthday. I was in tears when I read it. Wish you could have been there but I think you were “in spirit”. Thanks to Dan too. It was a wonderful weekend. Also, these pictures of So. Korea are stunning. What a beautiful country. Can’t wait to see you at Christmas.
    Love, Grandma

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  5. Jen Pace… please do! and thank you 🙂

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