So You Had a Bad Week…

Yeah… this week sucked. It all started on Wednesday when I was soooo tired after Bella kept me up all night with her incessant meowing. Daniel finally had to go sleep with her on the couch to get her to shut up. But it was too late for me. I literally feel asleep in two of my classes.

Then Thursday my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad kindergarten class just pushed me to my breaking point. Thursdays are the worst because I have them for 160 minutes instead of 80. I cried. And the funny thing was I had just been talking earlier that day about how if I had a different personality they would make me cry a lot. Well, they broke me.

I thought Thursday was turned around after I booked our flights to Malaysia for Lunar New Year (yay!) and enjoyed some food, beer, and language exchange with Jinhee. Then I came back to my apartment and as usual, Bella was peeking her head out of the door as I came in, looking for some excitement in the hallway. I feel sorry for the damn cat being stuck in our tiny ass apartment all the time so I thought I would let her explore while I set my purse down and took off my coat. She never goes very far, we let her sniff around the hallway under our watchful eyes all the time. Well… she was gone when I came back. I flipped out. Daniel and I searched for hours. We took the advice of a friend and put her litter box out in the hallway so she could smell her scent and find her way home.

Friday morning and still no Bella. I was feeling incredibly guilty, especially since I had been mad at her Thursday night for puking under the bed three times. But shortly after I arrived at work Daniel called to say she had been found! Apparently she ran up to the next floor and into the apartment of another foreigner who opened the door when she heard Bella meowing loudly. This foreigner happened to be friends with one of Bella’s previous owners (yes there have been several… wonder why) and they put two and two together and Bella was returned.

So then there was some drama with this previous owner… I have no idea who she is but I guess she has a friend who is friends with me on facebook (maybe the other previous owner) who saw my posts and comments regarding the lost cat situation and this girl just decided that I am a cat hating bitch who doesn’t deserve to own Bella. Which in turned pissed me off… so, we are giving Bella back to her. She was supposed to get her this weekend but that didn’t work out so probably in a few weeks. I feel bad only because I know Daniel really loves Bella… and I do when she’s sleeping. But mostly she’s a meowing, puking pain in the ass. 🙂

Saturday was a great day of shopping in Myeongdong.

Until I got home that night to find that the batteries in the electronic lock on our apartment door had gone dead. And I didn’t have my key with me. And I called Daniel, who didn’t have his key with him either. Daniel came home and after about an hour and a half we finally got in with the help of a locksmith and $60. Yippee.

Today has been good so far. I saw The Social Network… man, that facebook guy is a sociopathic bastard. Then I babysat, and now I’m home about to enjoy a hot chocolate and a good book before bed. Knock on wood!

Things to look forward to:

  • Thanksgiving dinner next weekend
  • Santacon
  • Home in less than five weeks!
  • Malaysia in two and a half months!

-Jen Pace



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4 responses to “So You Had a Bad Week…

  1. cindy

    Sooo…when you come home are you going back? Is that how bad a week you had? LOL sorry And what is this about my boys loving cats!? They hated cats growing up! LOL Go figure!

  2. jen

    yes i’ll be coming back to korea, just home for christmas 😉

  3. don

    Ever heard the Flintsone’s song?

    Maybe, someday Fred will win the fight…
    and the, cat will stay out for the NIGHT!!!!

    Having someone take the cat back is a huge blessing, whether you want to believe it or not…

    Cats are best with sweet and sour sauce and a side of fried rice.

  4. Mary Baumgartner

    Hi Jen, I don’t know what happened on Monday when I tried to get into your “blog”. Anyway, glad you had a nice Thanksgiving with friends. You mentioned the Mariah Carey song “All I want for Christmas is you” and James always mentions that it’s your favorite Christmas song. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Love, Grandma

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