Leaving on a Jet Plane

Leaving on a jet plane in less than 24 hours! Very excited. 🙂 I wanted to get in a quick blog post before I head out of town. The past two weeks haven’t been too exciting, but I do have a few photos to share…

Last week, we took graduation photos for all the kindergartners who will be moving up to elementary school at the end of February. It was a long morning… there were four outfit changes! But the kids looked so cute in their fancy dresses, suits, and robes.

The highlight of my weekend was Gangnam Cat Cafe. Yes, I have a cat at home to annoy me every day but it’s just so unusual to me since we don’t have anything like that back home and I wanted to check it out. Plus Lienna wanted to go and she doesn’t have a cat! ₩8,000 gets you admission and one drink. We stayed for about two hours playing with the cats.

Today Daniel played Santa for the kids at my school. I will have to post those pics later when they get them up on the school website, since I was doing Christmas crafts and activities while the kids went individually to visit Santa. Daniel said a lot of them were scared, most were skeptical, and all were cute. 🙂

I know I promised a “Weird Korea” post but instead I am going to break it up and share with you one weird thing about this country in each blog post. So here is “Weird Korea Part 1”: tetraphobia… AKA fear of the number four. The word for four is similar to the word for death. The fourth floor is often “skipped” in buildings altogether (numbering floors one, two, three, five, etc.) but in most buildings it is just labeled “F” instead of “4” in elevators.

I have had a nice Christmas so far in Korea; thanks to my friends for the lovely cards and gifts. I wanted to share this hilarious “Dear Santa” letter written by one of my older and more intelligent elementary students. At the top he colored Santa’s face green and glued a drawing of someone flicking you off with both hands.

And then there is the letter.

In case you can’t read it, it says…

Dear Santa,
You are a faint person and jombie. You need cold medicine and shaving and black ink for dying for hair. And you don’t have job. You have a too oldy eldery person. Goodbye.

Can’t wait to get home… so many people to see, so much to do, so little time!

-Jen Pace


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