A Christmas Homecoming

I had a great time at home for Christmas, even if I didn’t get to do everything and see everyone, and I was jet lagged for two weeks straight. Family, friends, delicious food, movies, shopping… what more could one ask for? 🙂

I left Korea on Christmas Eve night and arrived home on Christmas Day morning, due to the time change. I had a nine-hour layover at LAX, so I left the airport for lunch at the famed burger joint, In-N-Out. It was good, but nothing spectacular. Oh well.

My brother and mom picked me up at CLT and it started snowing about half an hour after we got home. Boy was it a white Christmas… it snowed eight inches! Zach and I still made it to Mimi’s for lunch and Clay, Grandma, Uncle James, Ruth, and Michael made it to my mom’s house for dinner. Success!

We were pretty much snowed in on Sunday, but thanks to Zach’s four-wheel drive truck and awesome driving skills, the day was saved. We went sledding in the afternoon and then Zach drove Adrienne and I to Breanna’s that night for a girls holiday party. We ate yummy food, drank wine (except Breanna, who is expecting!!), and played the white elephant gift exchange game. Kristy won the cute hat I brought from Korea. 🙂

Monday I cooked a chicken spaghetti lunch for my family, went to see True Grit (a western directed by the Coen Brothers? my kind of movie), and went to wing night at Hannah’s.

Tuesday was another food and movie day…. lunch at Jalapeno’s and 127 Hours (another awesome flick) with Mom. Wednesday Mom and I had a spa day at Suraj in Asheville… body wraps, pedicures, and I had a facial while Mom had a massage.

Afterward I met Tessa, Kathryn, Adrienne, and Breanna for a delicious dinner at Travinia followed by drunkenness and dancing at Pack’s Tavern and Broadway’s.

A hangover lunch at Green River BBQ was in order on Thursday. Mom cooked her signature lasagna that night and Ruth and Michael came over to eat and get in the hot tub. Friday was my last full day in NC. Mom, Zach, Kelly, and I had lunch at Cocula and then Zach, Kelly, and I went to Greenville for some shopping and Olive Garden. It was New Years Eve, but I fell asleep at 10pm watching Love Actually with Mom.

Saturday I had a New Years Day brunch before I left for the airport… mimosas, food, friends, and family… a great end to a great week. I miss everyone already!

-Jen Pace




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2 responses to “A Christmas Homecoming

  1. Karen

    I. Love. Your. Christmas photo

  2. Jen Pace

    thanks karen 🙂

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