Pyeongchang Mountain Trout & Ice Fishing Festival

Yesterday we attended the Pyeongchang Mountain Trout & Ice Fishing Festival, our first winter festival in Korea (next weekend is the Taebaeksan Snow Festival). I was a bit worried as it was supposed to be extremely cold in Seoul (high of 17) and we were going someplace even colder. But it turned out to be lots of fun and I was only really freezing my ass off when the sun went down.

Ice fishing itself was pretty boring, but we did see a few people catch some mountain trout (and a few kids fall in the holes). Of course we didn’t catch anything so Daniel had to pay to taste some trout sashimi.

There were lots of cool attractions…

An ice slide:

Ice bicycles:

Tractor snow tube pulls:

Bumper cars:

And other photo opportunities, like the ice sofa and snow angel:

On the way back home on the bus Daniel and others entertained with their noraebang skills (and lack thereof):

We started playing bar trivia again, Traveler’s started a quiz night on Wednesdays. Our team came in third place this week and next week we are hoping Eye of the Tigon can take home the prize!

I have seen quite a few movies in the last two weeks (I found an awesome online movie website if anyone is interested): The American, The Last Godfather, The Town, Black Swan, and Love & Other Drugs. All recommended except The Last Godfather… it is the only Korean film I have ever seen, it is in English, and stars Harvey Keitel and Jason Mewes. It was unbelievably cheesy!

Weird Korea Part 2:
Koreans calculate their age differently than Westerners. When you are born, you are 1. Then you turn 2 years old on New Years Day and each New Years Day you are a year older. I have heard conflicting reports from both Koreans and the internet about when your age changes… January 1st or Lunar New Years Day. So I’m not sure whether I’m 30 yet or I have two more weeks of my 20s left…

-Jen Pace



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2 responses to “Pyeongchang Mountain Trout & Ice Fishing Festival

  1. karen

    Oh! Me! I’m interested in the online movie website. What is it?

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