Cupcakes, Lotte World, & Picasso

It’s been a busy week and it doesn’t look like I’ll be slowing down anytime soon. 🙂

Tuesday Ohee and I started what we hope will became a regular baking get-together. We made cupcakes and glace frosting from scratch. It was my first time so I was quite pleased with how the cupcakes turned out but I was a bit disappointed with the frosting… we did half vanilla and half lemon. The vanilla had an odd consistency and the lemon was too strong. Oh well, next time we’ll try something else!

Yesterday Daniel and I went to Lotte World with my language exchange partner Jinhee and her fiancé (and now Daniel’s language exchange partner) Phillip. It was a lot of fun, we wore cute bow headbands (OK, except Phillip); ate some Koreanized Mexican food; watched a laser show, a parade, and a 4-D movie; and rode Flume Ride, Drunken Basket, Crazy Bumper Car, Jungle Adventure, and Comet Express.

on the drunken basket

can you believe people go on rides outside when it's 20 degrees??

cutest couple ever 🙂

beginning of the parade

most hilarious amusement park photo ever... we were all terrified... on the flume ride!!

AFTER the flume ride... soaking wet!

happy birthday jinhee!

ready for the 4-D experience

we love lotte world!

Today I met up with Karen to see the Picasso & Modern Art exhibition at the National Museum of Art Deoksugung. I am not a huge museum fan but I really enjoyed it. We also wandered around Seoul in the cold for a bit…

Weird Korea Part 4:
I have definitely noticed the shorts/tights/Chuck Taylors trend here, which I think looks ridiculous to begin with. But then when it’s in the 20s every day, and girls continue to wear these outfits, it amazes and baffles me to no end. Don’t you own any pants?!?

stolen from a website ironically called "chictopia"

Malaysia in two days!!

-Jen Pace



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8 responses to “Cupcakes, Lotte World, & Picasso

  1. Karen

    Awww… don’t hate on the tights/shorts/converse combo! I like it (and wear it)!

  2. Jen Pace

    gag me… and if i ever see you wearing it in this weather i will lose all respect for you!!

  3. Ena

    this is cute! how much were the lotte world headbands?

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