Happy Valentine’s Day!

Wow, it has been one epic Valentine’s weekend!

Daniel and I had our official date on Saturday. It started with lunch at OKitchen (the same place we went for our anniversary). It was just as delicious as the first time around. Our first three courses were a seafood plate, French onion soup, and chicken galantine salad. For the main Daniel had fettuccine alfredo with green garlic and pancetta and I had orecchiette with sausage ragu. Dessert was cheesecake with orange sauce and Gorgonzola ice cream (ewww!) and chocolate cake with berries and vanilla ice cream. For only 21,000 won per person! Once again, I urge you to head there for lunch one day soon!

Next up was N Seoul Tower. We got the package that included the Teddy Bear Museum and it was definitely worth the extra 4,000 won! It was so cheesy and cool; I loved it. The museum was divided into two parts: Past and Present. The Past section told the story of Korea’s history through scenes set up with moving teddy bears (building the palaces, traditional royal weddings, enthronement of King Gojong, etc.). The Present section showed different parts of Seoul that are popular today (Myeongdong, Children’s Grand Park, Nanta, etc.). There were also giant teddy bears to pose with and even interactive TV screens where you could take a photo of you in a teddy bear scene. 🙂

past: "modern army"

present" "b-boys"

what a perv

After the museum we went up to the observatory. You could see all of Seoul but it was a bit foggy and the windows really needed some cleaning! I liked how they had all the world cities and the distance to them from Seoul on the windows (like Taipei 101). They also announced on the elevator that you could use “Korea’s highest sky bathrooms”, which I did. 🙂

The most famous thing about N Seoul Tower is the love locks. Of course we had to add our own to the thousands already hanging on the fences and metal trees.

After a quick and unsuccessful trip through Namdaemun Market (looking for bootleg video games), we headed back to Itaewon for dinner at Los Amigos. I enjoyed my margarita and queso chicken burrito and Daniel had a beer and chicken fajitas.

We arrived home after the long day and settled in with some more beer, cheesecake (more on that later), and True Grit.

Sunday Karen and I co-hosted a Girls’ Valentine’s Potluck Extravaganza at her apartment. It was a lot of fun. I made red velvet cupcakes but I accidentally bought corn butter (WTF?) so the buttercream frosting was not a success. We added lots of sugar and strawberries to try to cover up the corn taste/smell but that made the consistency really runny. Everyone seemed to love them anyway! We also had pizza, pasta, and salad. We watched the classic chick flick The Blue Lagoon, colored our nails with Bongseonhwa flower dye, put on face masks, and made Martha Stewart’s Crayon Hearts.

Today is Valentine’s Day, which in Korea means women give chocolate to men. Then on March 14th, White Day, men give non-chocolate candy to women. (Unfortunately Daniel will be in the Philippines on this holiday!) If you’re single you can celebrate on April 14th, Black Day, by going to a Chinese restaurant to eat black noodles. How depressing! But lucky me, I got a sweet card, rose, and organic teddy bear (from the Teddy Bear Museum) from my Valentine. A few students gave me candy as well and one student gave me a box of chocolates with a sweet note. And I got a card in the mail from my mommy. 🙂

For our second baking “class”, Ohee and I (and our co-worker John) made chocolate chip cheesecake bars. They were yummy even though I forgot to bake the crust first and my portion ended up a pile (of goodness) in a Tupperware container. 🙂 Next up: strawberry cupcakes.

Weird Korea Part 6: I will tell you a little story about a strange event we witnessed in the N Seoul Tower gift shop. I have no idea what was really going on since I don’t speak Korean, but I can assure you it would have never gone down the same way in America! An older woman was angry for some reason and speaking to an employee. Then she picked up two coffee mugs and slammed them down on the floor one by one violently and broke them. The shop was right by the elevator and there were at least fifty people watching this crazy scene! But the most bizarre part is that the employee just kept smiling and nodding at the psycho bitch and the other employees quickly and quietly swept up the mess. Then the woman just walked out and stood in line for the elevator. Bizarre I tell you…

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-Jen Pace



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4 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Mary Baumgartner

    Hi Jen and HAPPY VALENTINE’S day to you and Dan. I loved hearing about all the delicious food you have there in Seoul. It sounds like you and Dan are really enjoying your stay in Korea. Have a great day! Love, Grandma

  2. cindy

    Jen, It seems to me that you need to stop
    drinking while you are baking. LOLcorn butter? and then you forgot to
    bake your crust!! LOL Happpy Baking!

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