Happy St. Patty’s Day!

I celebrated St. Patrick’s Day for a week!

Last Sunday I had my March baking party. Karen, Nani, Nicole, and Lienna came over and we made mint chocolate brownies and green cupcakes in honor of the holiday.

Thursday we celebrated at school. All the kids wore green of course. Each class made crafts: potato heads, foam neckties, and Irish hats. We also had the March birthday party that day.

Saturday we went to the St. Patrick’s Irish Festival in Seoul. There was lots of music, dancing, and drinking.

In other news:

I applied to the University of Southern Mississippi’s Master of Library Science program this week. It’s the only school I’m applying to because it’s the only one I found that is American Library Association accredited, is completely online, and offers in-state tuition to online students. So let’s hope I’m accepted!

Daniel and I have been applying for lots of jobs and have quite a few prospects already so it seems like it won’t be too hard to land a new one. I had an interview Thursday night. I think they might offer it to me (the recruiter said the school “seems to work with you together”) but not sure yet if I’ll accept. There are pros and cons I’ll have to weigh…

I decided against going to Thailand by myself. I don’t want to travel alone or spend the money at the moment. And since my flight home (and back to Korea) will be free, that’s where I’ll be going for a few weeks in May. Still don’t know if my brother’s getting married or not but hopefully I will be able to attend Araceli’s wedding; see my dad, stepmom, Wyatt, and Callie (since I didn’t get to at Christmas); throw Breanna a baby shower; and meet Colin in Boston.

I feel like I have really been learning a lot during my language exchange lately. I learned the number system (or one of them anyway, the one used for money) and am pretty good at it now! One day soon I will have to start asking “How much is it?” in Korean when I shop. And I will understand their reply! I also know most of the consonants in the alphabet now so studying the vowels is next.

Last weekend I went to the dentist for the first time in Korea. My friend Lienna works as a receptionist at one so I went there. Everything was in Korean so she helped me fill out the forms and whatnot. My hygienist didn’t speak much English and was actually too shy to even look at or speak to me at first (kind of common here but I thought since it was her job she could have acted a little more professional). I was a little scared because I heard getting your teeth cleaned (which is called “teeth scaling” here) hurts more here but it was quite the opposite experience for me. It was fast (15 minutes?) and painless although I did have some tooth sensitivity. And only 20,000 won! And they asked if I wanted painkillers afterward!

Last week Ohee and I made blueberry muffins. They were delicious and I need to start baking them every week for breakfast! This week we didn’t feel like baking so we had an hours-long ice cream and coffee date instead. 🙂

We took Bella on a field trip to the park today! She was scared at first but seemed to enjoy herself once she got used to it.

Weird Korea Part 9: Apparently the “yellow dust” from China arrived this weekend. Wikipedia says:

Yellow dust is a seasonal meteorological phenomenon which affects much of East Asia sporadically during the springtime months. The dust originates in the deserts of Mongolia, northern China and Kazakhstan where high-speed surface winds and intense dust storms kick up dense clouds of fine, dry soil particles. These clouds are then carried eastward by prevailing winds and pass over China, North and South Korea, and Japan, as well as parts of the Russian Far East.

Which means I’ll be seeing a lot more people wearing masks. Maybe I’ll even get a cute one myself. (Photo below stolen off the internet.)

Movie reviews:

  • Buried: God awful. I watched the first ten minutes and there was no dialogue. Just Ryan Reynolds moaning in a coffin. Which sounds hot but it’s not…
  • RED: Watched the first 20 minutes and it just seemed a little ridiculous. Plus Bruce Willis is not hot, so…
  • Knight & Day: Watched the first hour, it was extremely ridiculous, and Tom Cruise is not hot…
  • Dinner with Schmucks: Watched the entire movie although it was pretty stupid. Paul Rudd plays the sweet, cute, perfect boyfriend character as always.
  • It’s Kind of a Funny Story: Really cute, I enjoyed it. Stars the son from The United States of Tara and Zach Galifianakis, who is now the token dumbass in every movie. But he is pretty funny. 🙂
  • Remember Me: Can’t believe I didn’t see this sooner because I love Robert Pattinson. And I love this movie! No happy ending though.
  • Life or Something Like It: Cute rom-com. Even though I don’t care for Katherine Heigl.
  • The Adjustment Bureau: It was entertaining, and had a great love story, but the “sci fi” parts of it were a little far-fetched for me. Especially the hats.
  • Morning Glory: Kind of sad I wasted $9 to see this in the theater. It was OK but Rachel McAdams was pretty annoying, and I consider her one of my favorite actresses. Oh well.

Also started watching Dexter; it’s awesome!

-Jen Pace



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5 responses to “Happy St. Patty’s Day!

  1. it looks like the baking party and the st patrick’s day festivities were lots of fun! hope the interviews go well!

  2. cindy

    Are the jobs stateside or overseas? Are they still teaching English.
    Bella is BEAUTIFUL!! 🙂 Good photos, enjyed them all! No drinking this time when you baked? LOL

  3. Jen Pace

    teaching english jobs here in bundang

  4. Mary Baumgartner

    Hi Jen, I was so surprised that so many in So. Korea celebrate St. Patty’s Day by wearing green. Even more so than in the US. It sounds like things in the employment field will be looking up for you . Your cat “Bella” is really cute. James laughed when he saw her on a leach in the park. Stay well. Love, Grandma

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