Island Hiking, Ziplining, & A New Job!

Wow, this weekend kicked my ass. My legs are sore, my lips are more chapped than they’ve ever been, and I have a slight head cold. And waking up at 6:30am both Saturday and Sunday seriously sucked. Ugh. I should know better by now.

Saturday Daniel and I went on what I thought was an “easy” hiking trip with Seoul Hiking Group. We took a bus to Ganghwa Island and then a ferry to Seokmo Island. Then we hiked up to the top of the island and continued hiking for four hours up and down at least seven peaks. I must have said “I’m gonna die!” and “I’m not gonna make it!” a hundred times. But I survived. There was a temple at the end of the hike but I was too exhausted to explore. After the hike we briefly visited some dolmens and an ancient church.

Sunday was much better. Karen and I went ziplining with Discover Korea. We went to Zipline Mun Gyeong in Bul Jeong Dong. The course had nine different ziplines and all of them were terrifying. It was the most scared I’ve ever been. I was literally shaking at the beginning and had pretty high anxiety the whole time. But it was definitely thrilling! I’m glad I went, but once was enough! 🙂

I have accepted a job! It is with a public elementary school here. I had to make a pros and cons list but it seems like the pros definitely won the battle: less than 15 hours teaching time per week and four weeks paid vacation a year (as opposed to two at a private school) really sealed the deal for me. I start May 17th so I only get to go home for two weeks, but I’ll make the most of it!

Ohee and I have baked chocolate chip cookies two weeks in a row because they are so delicious!

We had cooking class last week at school and made mugwort rice cakes.

Weird Korea Part 10: In many public women’s bathrooms, there is an “etiquette bell”. I have always wondered what it meant but have always been too hesitant to press it. Does some attendant come when you ring them? I had no idea what it was for. Until recently… Apparently, if you are going to be “noisy” in the bathroom, you can press the bell and water sounds start playing to cover up your “noises”. I finally pressed one this weekend and it didn’t work. I was pissed! I’ll have to try again next time…

-Jen Pace



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2 responses to “Island Hiking, Ziplining, & A New Job!

  1. Mary Baumgartner

    Hi Jen,
    Yes, I’m enjoying NC. Finally got to see Laura’s place in Franklin with your Mom. James and I enjoyed reading of your hiking adventures and especially got a good laugh about the etiquette bell. Congrats on landing the teaching job and thanks again for your interesting “blog”. Love, Grandma

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