Nonsan Strawberry Festival

Warning: This post is a bit of a rant. Stop here if you don’t want to listen to the bitching.

So these past few weeks and in particular last weekend have not been the greatest. We’ll start with the event that made me snap… the Nonsan Strawberry Festival.

What was supposed to be a two hour bus trip turned into five and a half hours. They extended our departure time by half an hour so we had two hours at the festival. The bus dropped us off about a 15 minute walk away so really we had an hour and a half. We had already decided to skip the strawberry picking at that point and by the time we found the section of the festival with all the strawberry activities we wanted to participate in (making strawberry soap, cake, cookies, etc.) there was no time. So basically all we did was walk around in mud and witness animal cruelty. There was a petting zoo area that really upset me. There were crates with bunnies, mice, etc. open so that kids could play with them. But there was no supervision so these brats were just throwing them in the air and doing whatever they wanted. It was awful! (Side note: I want a pet bunny.) Then there were lots of other animals in small cages… the two saddest baby bears ever and one cage that held a skunk, monkey, turtle, and two rabbits. WTF?

We headed back to our bus at 4:00 ready to go home, only once we got there all of the seats were taken, including the one with my stuff on it! Then we were informed that the other bus was leaving at 5:30 and we had to go on it. I don’t know how the people from the other bus got on our bus or why but I was not happy. The bus leader seemed to have no solution, although after I pissed and moaned she offered to give her seat up to me (which I declined since I was with Karen). If someone had told me the other bus was leaving at 5:30 I would have been more than happy to stay at the festival longer and have time to participate in the activities I went there for in the first place! The whole situation just made me loathe the general passivity, disorganization, and lack of communication of Koreans.

A lot of people must have complained because the owner/organizer of the group (Discover Korea FYI) sent an email the next day saying he would refund 2/3 of the fee we paid. So that made me a little happier.

Here are some pics from the festival:

where the torture began

cutest, tiniest bunny ever!

i wish i had been able to make a strawberry cake!

Other than that I am just a little depressed in general, mostly due to my job situation… or lack thereof. I go home in less than three weeks and really want to find something before I leave. I wanted to be able to buy a round-trip ticket home so I’d know when I was coming back and it would be cheaper for my school… but then I just didn’t want to put it off any longer since the one-way tickets keep getting more expensive, so I talked to my school today and they are going to go ahead and buy one for me. I am excited to come home but I don’t like leaving things (and Daniel) up in the air! But I just cleaned my apartment tonight, which hadn’t been done in WEEKS, so hopefully that will make me feel better. And I have two interviews in the works so wish me luck! 🙂

Weird Korea Part 12: Of course you know that you use chopsticks to eat in many Asian countries, but did you know that in Korea they use flat metal chopsticks? Even more difficult to maneuver! Did you know that I lived in Korea for ten months without knowing how to use chopsticks at all? At first I thought it was because I have the motor skills of a two-year-old but apparently I just had the wrong teacher. Daniel always tried to teach me but it never worked and I always ended up frustrated and in tears. Then I asked Ohee to teach me and I picked it up so easily… now I don’t have to bring a fork with me everywhere I go! Thanks Ohee. 🙂

photo stolen from the internet

-Jen Pace



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4 responses to “Nonsan Strawberry Festival

  1. cindy

    I am sorry that yu are so frustrated. I hope things work out with the job. Goodluck, along with a little prayer.


  2. Mary Baumgartner

    Hi Jen, That little white bunny was so adorable. Sorry the strawberry festival wasn’t all it should have been. Don’t worry, you’ll find a job. You’re so intelligent and at least you won’t have to come home and rush back. Do you think you’ll be home again at Christmas? I enjoy your blogs so much. Love, Grandma

  3. Jen Pace

    thanks 🙂 i don’t plan on being home at christmas this year, but you never know…

  4. Alexandra

    OMG Jen! I heard about the bus trip from hell! So sorry to hear you were on it. Sounded like a nightmare! We thought of doing the ‘trip’ but then thanksfully opted to make our own way there, so we werent tied down to anyone else. I guess aside from all the frustration its comforting to know you didnt miss much! Better luck at your next festival! Oh, Korea (*sigh*)!


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