Last Day

Today was my last day at work! Last night was my farewell dinner at Ho Lee Chow. It was nice and my director gave me a beautiful jewelry box and a scrapbook filled with lots of photos of me and my students over the past year.

Today was a whole lotta goofin’ off.

I will miss my favorite students, Stella and Stacy, very much.

As well as my lovely co-teachers.

Tomorrow I’m off! To Tokyo, then Chicago, then Charlotte, then Raleigh… I will finally arrive in Saluda on Monday night. I decided to go to Raleigh as soon as I get back to get my visa documents apostilled in person, so I can send them to Korea and get my visa ASAP!

I’ve gotten so much done this week, packing and visa stuff… and sending a buttload of money home! I feel very accomplished. And ready to finally chillax. 🙂

Last weekend wasn’t as relaxing as I’d hoped. More like action-packed! Even though I did stay in Bundang for the first time in seven months.

Daniel and I had a date on Saturday. The most expensive (but delicious) lunch ever at VIPS and then a stay at a fancy love motel.

1+1 beers and wineades

i was most excited about the green beans!


we definitely listened to channel 622

Sunday was Italian Easter. I made lasagna, pesto spaghetti, and salad and our friends brought over lots of bread and wine. We played Cranium and got wasted. The highlight of the evening was me drunkenly flushing Daniel’s plastic cell phone cover down the toilet and then having to pay a plumber $80. Don’t ask.

the morning after

Weird Korea Part 14: Since I’m going to Mr. Pizza tonight… Koreans love sharing. And double dipping! At most restaurants the side dishes and sometimes even the main dish are communal. Which means you stick your chopsticks in the bowl and then in your mouth… repeat. I don’t mind double dipping but if you do I guess it could be a problem! At Mr. Pizza you order the salad bar for two people and share one bowl… which I found so odd. I want my own salad! But since I’m a foreigner they give me my own bowl. 🙂 Another annoying thing you have to share is a menu. Not very convenient. Always one menu per table. But one thing I do like to share is Coke! With free refills you can share with your friend and save money. One time I ordered a Coke and they brought it with six straws, one for everyone at the table! Of course I took a picture…

-Jen Pace



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4 responses to “Last Day

  1. Mary Baumgartner

    Hi Jen, Here’s wishing you a safe and happy trip back to the US on Sunday or whenever it is you leave. I know you’re excited, especially about getting your VISA renewed in Raleigh on Monday. I’ll talk to you on the phone when you get back to Saluda. Love, Grandma

  2. I know, what is up with the one menu thing? Still not used to that…

    Anyway, safe travels!

  3. Looks like you had fun! Good luck with the visa stuff–how long did the FBI check take?

    • Jen Pace

      i forget… about 5 weeks i think. then you have to send it to DC to be apostilled, which i am doing for daniel now. since i am currently in the US, i went in-person to the secretary of state to have mine apostilled (has to be notarized first if you do it at the state level).

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