Home Sweet Home

I have been enjoying the last two weeks at home and have a little over a week left… hopefully. I still haven’t received my VIN to get my new visa or purchased my plane ticket yet. But we move into our new apartment on the 29th so I’d like to be back by then… or preferably a few days earlier! (Daniel ended up getting the job he wanted working with his two friends and I am excited that we will be living in Jeongja, the nicest neighborhood in Bundang).

My overnight stay in Tokyo ended up being kind of scary… I woke up at around 2am because the hotel was “wobbling”. And then it wobbled again in the morning. I guess it was earthquake aftershocks. Other than that I just took a bath and chowed down on Japanese convenience store food.

My mom picked me up on May 1st and we headed up to Raleigh. On Monday I dropped my stuff off at the Secretary of State and we explored downtown and the Museum of History.

I finally arrived in Saluda Monday night. I spent the week recovering from jet lag, shopping, watching movies (Water for Elephants and Something Borrowed were both decent chick flicks), meeting friends for delicious meals, and attending Araceli’s Pure Romance party. I also went to one of Zach’s softball games and watched the Saluda Heat annihilate the competition.

On Mother’s Day I woke up early to go visit my dear friend Bobby at the Foothills Correctional Institution. He seems to be doing well and I can’t wait for him to be out in three years. Then we enjoyed some lasagna for lunch, went on a hike with Zach and Uncle James, and played Scrabble.

Last Monday Mom, Zach, Kelly, and I headed to Sullivan’s Island for a four day vacation. We walked on the beach a lot, went to yummy restaurants, visited Fort Moultrie, went to Edisto to look for shark teeth, and Mom and I got pedicures for her Mother’s Day present.

Yesterday was Breanna’s baby shower, thrown by me. 🙂 We played “Guess the Candy Bar”, “Guess Mommy’s Tummy Size”, and “Never Say Baby”, wrote messages to baby Easton, enjoyed a scrumptious finger food buffet, and watched Breanna open her gifts.

Looking forward to next weekend, when Tessa visits and I have my cook out! Also hopefully my dad, stepmom, brother, and sister will also pay me a visit.

I will skip “Weird Korea” this post since I’m out of the country, but here’s a link about making your own food in Korea… I contributed the baking section. 🙂
Why Yes, Expats – Baking in Korea IS Possible!

-Jen Pace



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5 responses to “Home Sweet Home

  1. Laura

    And your Aunt Laura visiting! 😀

  2. Mary Baumgartner

    Jen, enjoyed reading of your wonderful adventures while you’re back home visiting. When are you planning on going back to Korea? I didn’t realize you were in Tokyo on your way to the US. Give Dan my best when you return and have a safe trip back. Love, Grandma

  3. Karen

    Jen, hurry back to Korea! My boyfriend is coming on the 26th and we need to get our double date on, I really think Trevor and Daniel will get along (that is after you get settled into your new apt. and come back to Korea of course!) : )

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