New Job, New Apartment, Trick Art…

A new job and a new apartment… I would have to say that both are much improved from the last ones! Our new apartment seems much roomier and more open, and also nicer, newer, and cleaner! The only things I don’t like are that it’s a walk from the subway rather than being right there like we used to be and that our bathroom smells like cigarettes! (I’m been blasting the bathroom fan 24-7 though and that seems to be taking care of the problem.) We also had a lot less storage space so we bought some racks, boxes, etc. and now everything is in order! And of course I had to get some random unnecessary cutesy stuff just for fun. Jen’s a happy girl. 🙂

The new job seems pretty sweet as well. I only teach 17 hours a week (3 hours 15 minutes Monday-Thursday and 4 hours on Friday) although I do have to be there every day from 9am-6pm and it’s a longer commute. We don’t use textbooks for kindergarten so we make our own schedules, using lesson plans from the school’s curriculum as well as the books and theme day from that month. And no homework to grade! The kids mostly seem sweet and well-behaved… much more so than the ones at my old school! But I do miss my old coworkers. I felt like everyone was really close there and I liked the small school environment. I am not one for change so every new job takes getting used to. (I know, I hate change but I move constantly… makes no sense! My life is one giant contradiction.)

Monday of last week was Memorial Day here in Korea so we had the day off work. We met up with Karen and Trevor in Seoul and went to a trick art exhibit. It was really cool; you got to pose with paintings and it looked 3-D in the photos.

Next up was live octopus, or san nakji, at the Noryangjin Fish Market. This is something both Daniel and Karen have been talking about doing forever and it was finally checked off their bucket lists! As for me, I was content being in charge of the photos and video. 🙂 Check out Daniel’s post if you haven’t yet.

This weekend wasn’t so exciting. I have been so tired still so I wanted to relax in Bundang. Ohee and I baked cookies Friday night, and Saturday and Sunday night Daniel and I went with friends to the movies and saw Scream 4 and X-Men: First Class. Reviews are still on the way. Also bought Bella a cute Paul Frank shirt.

Weird Korea Part 16: Will someone please explain to me why there is one urinal in every women’s bathroom in Korea?

Also enjoyed this article, maybe you will too: 50 reasons why Seoul is the world’s greatest city
Maybe it will inspire someone to come visit me!

-Jen Pace



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8 responses to “New Job, New Apartment, Trick Art…

  1. Ruth

    To the “weird Korea” section, maybe it’s for woman’s boy children who still have to go to the bathroom with him..? Just a thought.

  2. Dan's Dad

    Started in Europe in the 1940’s and evolved to the 1960’s… woman started wearing pants and they fell off the market.

    Seen them in France. The one in your photo is a squatter. They squat in front of it and go. the ones in France are higher up and they lean in and above. Works with skirts… not with pants.

    Middle-Eastern bathrooms are just a hole in the floor and squat away… western toilets are everywhere here in the ME now.

    In Saudi, you have both.

    Great photos… your blogs are getting better thanks to the great photos…!!

  3. I would guess that urinal is for little boys that go in the bathroom with their mom’s! the squatters in korea look different from that.

  4. Jen,

    That’s great news! Hope you got some rest. I’m going to be in Seoul this weekend. My hostels is in Hongdae. I don’t have any solid plans for Saturday night, but would love to do something in the area, if you’re free! 🙂

    • Jen Pace

      sorry i already have plans saturday night! but if you ever want to come up again you can stay with us in bundang! we now have a sofa that folds into a bed 🙂 we’re about an hour from seoul, connected by the subway…

      • That’s okay. Oh you’re in Bundang–I’ll actually be visiting a friend there on Saturday! For sure, there’s always next time and thanks for offering! I’d like to move to Seoul in November, so maybe I’ll be able to make it one last time before I leave in August and come back 🙂

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