I have been soooooooo tired lately. Yeah, I don’t have very many teaching hours at my new job, but the prep work I have to do as the art teacher is insane. Especially last week, since we had our theme day. I worked through lunch three days in a row and stayed late one night (10 hours straight!). I think things will get easier now that I am at the point where I’m teaching the lessons I planned (instead of the ones the former teacher planned). I hope so anyway!!

Each month at school we have a theme day and a field trip. For June it was Market Day and we took our field trip to Lotte Mart to do some shopping. Each class had a shopping list, explored the store, and purchased the items on their list. (I didn’t get a chance to take photos.) For Market Day, each classroom was a store and mine was the bookstore. The students took turns selling and buying and got a chance to visit the toy store, stationery store, grocery store, clothing store, and bakery. I “bought” two cell phone charms, a handkerchief, and some hand soap. After lunch I was on food court duty and each class came to enjoy hot dogs, watermelon, Jello, and lemonade.

lauren wants lemonade!

Other than work, I haven’t been up to too much! Staying in Bundang, having dinner with friends, going to the movies (The Lincoln Lawyer and Super 8)… Daniel and I stayed at our favorite hotel again and enjoyed the Jacuzzi tub and big screen TV. We watched the first episode of Treme but couldn’t get into it so we moved on to The Wire and are now almost finished with the first season. (True Blood season premiere was tonight and Weeds is tomorrow!)

I got a pedicure for the second time in Korea and was again extremely disappointed. I learned that for the regular $30 pedi here they don’t even touch your feet, only paint your toes! You have to pay $60 to get the foot soak, scrub, massage, etc. What a rip-off! One of the few things here that is much more expensive than in America. I will have to get one in Thailand… But anyway Ohee and I went and got (almost) matching polish. 🙂

Ohee and her fiancé John also came over for Cranium night which was lots of fun. Unfortunately the boys won the game, but just barely!

Yesterday we had to go into Seoul because Daniel left his stuff in a locker there on Saturday but the subway station was closed when he went to get it late at night. So… we went to Itaewon, had lunch at Buddha’s Belly, and people watched at Baskin Robbins.

The rest of my weekend was spent travel planning: Phuket in less than four weeks, Singapore and Bali for Christmas, and Hong Kong to St. Petersburg in June 2012. 🙂

You may recall that I was selected by the government to be a Worldwide Korea Blogger. Well, I just received my official certificate and gift in the mail; what a pleasant surprise! I love the mother of pearl business card holder and USB cell phone charm.

You may also recall that I applied to graduate school at Southern Miss. I was accepted!! I’ll be on my way to a Master of Library Science in a few short months. 🙂

Other big news: My mom and Clay finally got married after over 19 years together! They tied the knot on June 13th at Cupid’s Chapel in Gatlinburg, TN. Congrats, Mr. and Mrs. Arrington!

Weird Korea Part 17: The weather. I hate the weather here. Monsoon season just started so it’s been raining for at least five days straight now. Koreans claim that there are four seasons here but there are not. It’s either extremely humid or extremely cold, with a few weeks of spring and fall sprinkled between summer and winter. Oh how I miss North Carolina!

-Jen Pace


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  1. Mary Baumgartner

    Hi Jen, I was so glad to hear from you and of your experiences there. I’m disappointed that you won’t be home for Christmas; but at least you’re seeing the world. And next June you’re going to visit St. Petersburg. My brother and sister are there right now on a cruise. Hope the weather improves. I’m in Saluda right now and the days are quite warm. Love, Grandma

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