Pictures: Tancheon River Flooding

It’s summertime, and that means monsoon season in Korea.  The rain has been nonstop for more than a week.  Today the rain came down harder than usual and the Tancheon River overflowed, flooding the park along its banks.

It was pretty harmless, but it was cool to look out at the river from my workplace above Jeongja Station and see the place where I ride my bike and have picnics completely under water.

Google and WordPress still don’t like to play nice together, so click the link below to view the pictures in a new browser tab.

Tancheon Flood

–Daniel Daugherty



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2 responses to “Pictures: Tancheon River Flooding

  1. Don

    Rain, rain, go-away…. slide off to the UAE and water my grass!!
    Car washes must be empty and clothes lines as emty as well…

    Humidity…. eeegad!! I do not know how I would cope in that. I am used to less than 1% humidity…

    Keep dry!!

    • Daniel Daugherty

      The humidity is pretty bad here in the summertime. Much worse than the heat. As for clothes lines, people in Bundang are in too high of a tax bracket to bother with something like that

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