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Finally, as promised…

4 stars:
The Lincoln Lawyer: Matthew McConaughey and Ryan Phillippe star in this thriller. It was fast-paced and I was definitely into it. Extra points for eye candy.
Super 8: I am not a sci-fi fan but I really enjoyed this film. I liked the background story and that there weren’t aliens in 90% of the movie. The 10% with aliens was of course ridiculous, but whatever.
Scream 4: I love the Scream series; they are the only “horror” movies I enjoy. I was scared and amused alternately. Extra points for cheesiness, which is essential for an entertaining horror flick. I was surprised when I learned the identity of the killer as well.
The Hangover Part II: I know this has gotten bad reviews from critics because it is basically the same as the first one but in Thailand. But was the first one hilarious? Yes. And so is the second!
The Way Back: For some reason I really love movies about Siberia. (Ever see Transsiberian? See it.) I guess because I have been planning on visiting there for a while now! And it seems so remote and exotic. Anyway, it’s a WWII movie but a good one without too many battle or concentration camp scenes. (Another great WWII movie? Boy in the Striped Pajamas.) Colin Farrell and some other dudes escape from a concentration camp and walk like 5,000 miles to India.

3 stars:
Bridesmaids: I debated giving this 4 stars so let’s say 3.5. A raunchy chick flick, funny at times and absurd at others. I liked all the actresses in it and the main love story between Kristen Wiig and the Irish cop as well.
Something Borrowed: I like dumb chick flicks. I love to hate Kate Hudson in dumb chick flicks. I don’t mind rooting for Ginnifer Goodwin in dumb chick flicks. Win win win. Also liked that everything didn’t end up totally perfect in the end.
Water for Elephants: I read the book first and if I hadn’t I probably would’ve liked the movie more. Robert Pattinson? Yum. I’m a big Reese Witherspoon fan as well. And it had one of the awesome actors from Inglorious Basterds (5 stars) playing the bad guy. Elephant torture scenes are difficult to watch (although I close my eyes at any gore in movies!).
Country Strong: I actually really liked Gwyneth Paltrow as a slutty alcoholic country singer. Sad ending. I cried! But Tim McGraw is the worst actor ever.
Conviction: I like based-on-a-true-story movies and this was a good one. Hilary Swank’s character puts herself through law school (it takes her like 18 years) to free her brother who was wrongly convicted of murder. Brought me back to my days of studying criminology as well and reminded me how much the American justice system sucks.
All Good Things: I was really skeptical because I had never heard of it… but it pleasantly surprised me. Another one based on a true story. Ryan Gosling’s character is suspected of killing his wife (and really creepy). The story spans several years and states and is pretty interesting.
Burlesque: I love musicals and wow, I forgot that Christina Aguilera can really sing! It had a plot too and a good love story.
Robin Hood: I like most Robin Hood movies although the classic Disney one is my favorite. You know the story, and Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett (Why does everyone love her? Not a fan.) star in this version.

2.5 stars (there were so many that the half star needed its own category here):
I Am Number Four: This was better than I thought it would be (since it’s sci-fi). Plus the main actor was pretty cute but I read that he’s an asshole. Luckily it also had Timothy Olyphant (starred in Deadwood and currently starring in Justified, two awesome TV shows).
The Roommate: Pretty entertaining and creepy. And cheesy. Of course. But the kitten in the dryer… you took it too far Leighton Meester.
Unstoppable: Chris Pine is hot. It was a decent thriller.
The Next Three Days: Similar to Conviction but Russell Crowe breaks his wife out of prison instead of becoming a lawyer to prove she is innocent.

2 stars:
X-Men: First Class: Even though I am not an action/super hero movie fan, the previews made it look good and James McAvoy usually doesn’t disappoint. But he did. It was way too action-y for me and too LOUD! I hate it when movies get so loud at the end; it gives me a headache. Also, January Jones is the worst actress ever.
The King’s Speech: I didn’t want to see it because I thought it would be boring but it won the Oscar for Best Picture and everyone and their mom said it was good. Guess what? It wasn’t! It was boring. Snore.
Tangled: I only watched this because I was on an airplane with 12 hours at my disposal. Cutesy remake of Rapunzel. Not a classic for sure. Disney movies continue to go downhill.
Company Man: An Up in the Air-esque film with Ben Affleck. (Up in the Air was way better.) “Waaaah I lost my $120,000 a year job and now they’re only offering me an $80,000 job! I have to sell my expensive car and mansion.” Cry me a river.
Somewhere: Sofia Coppola directed flick starring Stephen Dorff, who plays a popular Hollywood actor who lives in the Chateau Marmont and hangs out with his 11-year-old daughter sometimes. If there was more of a plot than that I’ve forgotten it already.
The Dilemma: Winona Ryder cheats on Kevin James with Channing Tatum. Wouldn’t you?? 🙂 Unfortunately the film is neither funny nor engaging.
Going the Distance: Drew Barrymore and Justin Long (Note to Hollywood: Why is he ever cast in romcoms? He is not likeable or attractive!) have a long-distance relationship… that’s about all I remember.
Never Let Me Go: Another sci-fi movie. The plot was OK but I didn’t care for the acting by Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan. Also I hate it when you can’t relate to the characters and I totally couldn’t! Why did they go along with everything they were told? Grrrr.

1 star:
The Conspirator: James McAvoy disappoints again. Have I learned my lesson yet? (His best movie: The Last King of Scotland. 5 stars.) The premise sounded interesting (the assassination trial of Abraham Lincoln) and the cast was A list (Robin Wright, Evan Rachel Wood, Tom Wilkinson) but it was sooooooooooooooo boring.
The Green Hornet: Most unlikeable super hero ever. Seth Rogen was such an asshole.
Hereafter: My mom said this was the most boring movie of all time. Really Matt Damon? I liked the opening tsunami scenes but after that it all went downhill…
Fair Game: I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Sean Penn but I can’t even remember what this movie was about. In fact, I didn’t finish it. I fell asleep. Some political crap.

-Jen Pace



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  1. wow Jen, I didnt know you were such a movie buff, nice post

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