Pyeongchang Olympics!

Jen and I have been to Pyeongchang and we can verify that it’s a great place for holding the Winter Olympic games.  The views from its highest peak are breathtaking, awe-inspiring and vertigo-inducing.


A child slides down an ice slide carved into a hillside

A future competitor in the yet-to-be-added Ice Slide competition, set to replace the Slalom and Downhill events.

In the immortal words of radioman Harry Shearer:

The Olympics: It’s a movement! And everybody needs one, every day.

–Daniel Daugherty



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2 responses to “Pyeongchang Olympics!

  1. Don

    No beer and no T.V, make Homer Something, Something..!!

  2. what the F does “no beer and no TV” have to do with Korea, the Olympics, Harry Shearer or ice slides?

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