What’s Going On…

Well, the past two weeks have been easier at school but I’m still a little tired and lazy at both work and home. I’ve never felt like I live for the weekend so much! But then on the weekend I don’t want to do anything…

Outside of work I’ve been dealing with a few annoying issues. The first being grad school. I was so excited to be accepted but now it looks like I’ll only be able to take one class my first semester, which is a bummer. Apparently there are audio chats once a week and there is only one class I need/want to take that is at a time that doesn’t conflict with my teaching schedule. I assume I will have the same problem next semester as well, but wherever I end up after May 2012 I will have to get a job that is not at the same time as my classes (which are all offered in the evening Central time or morning Korea time).

I also had problems this week with my flight to Thailand. Travelocity contacted me and said that China Eastern Airlines changed my flight and I didn’t have enough time to make my connection in Shanghai. I ended up calling Travelocity six times because every single time they said that they called the airline but it was closed and I had to call back. Repeat repeat repeat. So after getting off the phone with Travelocity Thursday night, I called China Eastern Airlines. They were open! And they said they could change my flight so that I arrive in Phuket even earlier! So hopefully everything is resolved and there won’t be any more changes in the next two weeks. (Side note: Lienna is joining me for the first five days in Phuket! I’m so excited!!)

Last weekend started out on a fun note. Everyone’s favorite Bundang expat bar, Traveler’s, was having a Canada Day/One Year Anniversary party so we all went out to celebrate. Lots of drinking, dancing, and taking funny photos…

Saturday was spent hungover with brunch at Butterfinger’s (milkshake and mac cheese = mmmmmmm) and dinner at Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory.

Sunday was crazy. Daniel and his friend Mike decided to go rafting on the Tancheon in the middle of a monsoon. Daniel doesn’t really want me to blog about it so all I will say is that it ended with ambulances.

Last night I had a fun shopping trip with Ohee in Myeongdong and we went to my favorite Indian restaurant there as well. Picked up this shirt for Bella (Daniel’s favorite video game):

Not sure yet what’s on the agenda today, but Daniel and I will hopefully be staying in a love motel near Seoul Station since we have a day trip tomorrow and we have to be there at 7:30am. We will be visiting Nami Island, the literary village of Kim You-Jeong, and a Makguksu Museum where we will make and taste traditional buckwheat noodles.

Next weekend is the Boryeong Mud Festival and then Phuket the weekend after that. We have also decided to go to Jeju Island August 13th-15th since we have a three day holiday weekend and Shanghai September 10th-13th for Chuseok (there is a Seoul Gaels match there on the 10th that Daniel will be playing in).

Random: I’ve definitely noticed a trend here lately where women paint their nails different colors. Either each finger/toe alternating colors or the big toes painted a different color from the rest. I like it! So I gave myself a Korean pedicure:

Here are some links I found interesting and Korea-related:

This article about being an expat in Korea is pretty accurate… and if you happen to be someone who is moving or considering moving to Korea and reading this, feel free to contact me with any questions!

Did you know that more than 30 South Koreans kill themselves every day (a rate three times higher than in the US)? Sad.

A fellow WKB posted this which links you to all the Worldwide Korea Bloggers’ blogs. Enjoy!

Weird Korea Part 18: Something that drives me crazy… the envelopes here do not seal. There is no glue or whatever for you to lick, just paper. When you go to the post office they will glue the envelope shut for you. But still, every single envelope in Korea does not seal. Even birthday cards. Why??? (My guess? They think licking envelopes is harmful and unhealthy.)

-Jen Pace

P.S. Happy Coon Dog Day!


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  1. Don

    Too bad that idea does not spread to the middle-east.

    Daniel actually went into the river in that little kids, “Look Mommy, I am FIVE YEARS OLD!!”, boat..?

    He is off his rocker! Not to mention his partner in crime!

    Haggle in Thailand… they live for it.

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