More Speculation on the Sin Bungang Line

Waaaaay out in Chuncheon today (Kim Yu Jeon Station, to be exact), I found this Seoul subway map on the trail platform. It had a curious addition missing from the maps I’ve seen in Bundang. You guessed it: The Sin Bundang Line! I’m just glad the residents in the deepest reaches of Northeast Seoul will find it useful.

sin bundang line

The purple-ish line running vertically from top to bottom is the future route of the Sin Bundang Line.

It may not be fully visible to readers, but the stops along the Sin Bundang Line had yet to be numbered when it was added to the map as a “future route.” However, some of you may recall that the new station exits in Jeongja are numbered D12, while the original station currently in use is K230.

As I wrote last week, I really want to know what’s up with the new station exits — are they for an entirely new station or will Jeongja Station be expanded in the future to connect both lines?

Also on the topic, reader Faith Walpole writes:

this is the gossip I have received about the new line; it will eventually go to ori and suwon. well the ppl in migeum are pissed and have been signing petitions to get it to stop at migeum (um do we need a definition of ‘express’) there was even a petition in my building! so now there is a big fight about it which has delayed the opening!

Faith’s information is corroborated by a student of mine, who told me she has seen angry signs around Migeum station.  I’ll have more on this in the near future.

As far as I can tell through research online, there are no formally announced plans to take the Sin Bundang line through Suwon, although the Yellow Line is planned to extend there and connect to Line 4.  Either the people circulating the petitions are sorely misinformed or they know something the rest of us don’t.  Either is possible.

I did find an entertaining thread over at Dave’s ESL Cafe on the topic.  Long story short: It’s just a lot of speculation and nobody knows anything unless they can read Korean.

About the map:  Apologies for the poor photo quality. It had been posted for so long that the colors faded. I had to pull them out by dialing up the contrast and saturation.

Daniel Daugherty


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