Ten on Tuesday

OK so it’s Friday… but I’ve been busy! Loving Thailand but I’ve been non-stop for five days so today I’m taking a vacation from my vacation… 🙂

1. What color are your toenails painted?
Red. I git a pedicure here in Phuket on Sunday for $5. They didn’t do a great job and they also cut my toe. Luckily no infection! But I guess that’s what you get for $5, huh? The $7 massage was excellent though!

2. What color are your fingernails painted?
I never paint my fingernails.

3. What is your favorite brand of nail polish?

4. As the norm, do you DIY your nails or get mani/pedis?
Usually DIY but occasionally pedis.

5. Have you ever had a gel mani? Do you recommend it?
Never had one.

6. What is the last movie you watched on television? (TV, Netflix, Redbox, etc.)
I watched part of Platoon last night. Pretty good but I had to change the channel at the violent parts! I watched a shitty pirated copy of Horrible Bosses online last week; it was moderately amusing.

7. What is the last movie you watched in the cinema?
Super 8.

8. Is there a movie that everyone talks about as if it is a classic but you haven’t seen?
Yeah, I haven’t seen a lot of “classic” movies. Awhile ago Daniel and I started “Classic Movie Fridays” but I kept falling asleep during most of them (Jaws, Chinatown)… Citizen Kane and Rear Window were really good though. Also I haven’t seen most of the classic 80s movies girls of my generation talk about (Breakfast at Tiffany’s) and I don’t like the ones I’ve seen (Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club).

9. What is your favorite movie soundtrack?
Empire Records is a good one… gotta love Pretty Woman and Dirty Dancing too! 😉

10. Have you ever seen a movie and thought it was better than the book it was based on?
Eat, Pray, Love… wasn’t hard to be better than that awful book!

Working on my blog post about my trip to Phuket so it should be up soon!

-Jen Pace


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