I really enjoyed my stay in Thailand. Every Asian vacation I take is better than the last, and this was definitely the best so far. I only wish Daniel had been able to join me…

Even though it was rainy season in Phuket, the weather was perfect. Not too hot or humid (Korea is worse right now) and it only drizzled a few times. I didn’t even have to buy an umbrella while I was there… Miraculously the downpours only occurred while I was inside!

Of course one of the reasons I enjoyed Thailand so much was the food! Here are some of the delicious meals I ate:

chicken fried rice

cashew chicken

peanut curry chicken

garlic pepper chicken

While some people might disagree, I also really liked all the cats and dogs everywhere! They were all so chill; Bella could learn a thing or two from them. Buddhists don’t believe in killing living things which is why there are so many stray animals in the country, especially at temples. They seemed to peacefully coexist with the chickens and monks.

Another thing I like about Thai culture are the shrines. They are at every home, hotel, etc. in Thailand, and house a holy spirit who protects the dwellers from any unseen troubles. Food offerings, together with fresh flowers, incense, and candles are placed on the shrine on holidays.

In Phuket, I stayed at Manohra Cozy Village. A clean air-conditioned room with a king-size bed, cable TV, and a fridge for $23 a night. Plus free buffet breakfast and a cute pool. Pretty good deal! There were a few minor annoyances but for that price I can’t really complain.

On our first day, Lienna and I just chilled out in Kata Beach. We walked along the shore, went souvenir shopping, and got $5 pedicures and $7 one hour oil massages.

The rest of the week was action packed! Stay tuned for more posts about elephant trekking, cooking class, Ko Phi Phi, sea kayaking, temples galore, and much more!

-Jen Pace


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