Phuket: Kata Thai Cooking Class & Market Tour

On Wednesday night, I went to the Kata Thai Cooking Class & Market Tour. Thai food is one of my favorites and I learned to cook some delicious dishes! First the instructor, Kelly, took us to a local market to pick up some last minute ingredients. We saw lots of interesting fruits and vegetables but I wasn’t a fan of the meat area… or the live frogs in a bucket!

Then we went back to the school to start preparing the dishes. One of the students thought that Pad Thai was on the menu that night but it wasn’t… But Kelly said we could add it on if everyone agreed to the extra fee, which we did. So instead of the usual three dishes we made four.

First we prepared all the dishes. For the Pad Thai, we measured out the sugar and brown sugar and chopped green onions, shallot, and tofu (I omitted the sprouts), and added some pickled cabbage (just a pinch for me).

For the Pad Kra Pow, we chopped baby corn, onion, and green beans; used a mortal pester to grind garlic and chili pepper together; and pulled the leaves off of a bunch of basil.

Next was Panang Curry. We put a heaping spoonful of curry paste in our bowls and finely diced lemongrass for the garnish.

The most fun to prepare was Wonton Soup. We did this as a group activity so one person chopped the chicken and shrimp, another diced the green onions, etc. Then we all scooped some of the mixture into our wonton wraps and sealed them.

After the preparation was complete, we went to the kitchen to cook. This is where we added the other ingredients to dishes such as meat, oils/sauces, coconut milk, etc. I let Kelly know that I didn’t like seafood so she made sure to accommodate my needs and gave me only chicken!

Last, we ate! All of the dishes were amazing but my favorites were the Panang Curry and Pad Thai. I am not usually a Pad Thai fan but without sprouts it was quite good! There was so much food though but luckily Kelly wrapped it up for us so we could take home our leftovers.

For anyone visiting Phuket, I would highly recommend this class. I did a lot of research before coming and the prices are the most reasonable I found. Kelly also offers free transportation to and from Kata or Karon. Classes are a maximum of six students and she has two kitchen helpers so it’s definitely a personal experience. Her menu and prices are changing starting August 1st, so check out her updated website for all the new info.

-Jen Pace



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3 responses to “Phuket: Kata Thai Cooking Class & Market Tour

  1. Yvonne Hall

    it must have been a wonderful experience, I wish I have been there, Thai food is one of my favorite food! Thank you to share.

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