Phuket: Kok Chang Elephant Safari

On Monday afternoon, Lienna and I went elephant trekking. I chose Kok Chang Elephant Safari because it was close to our hotel and offered free transportation and because I read good reviews on the internet. I don’t have anything to compare it to but it seemed like a decent place and the elephants looked healthy and well-fed. Also I heard other places take your photo and try to sell it to you while your guide at Kok Chang will take many photos of you with your own camera. 🙂

I, however, did not like elephant trekking! I have a fear of a certain kind of heights, the kind where you can fall off of something tall… like a tower or an elephant! I really had no idea how massive an elephant was until I climbed on top of one! I felt very uneasy and anxious the whole time and unfortunately Lienna had talked me into the 30 minute trek when I only wanted to do the 20 minute one!

I’m glad I had the experience but I wouldn’t do it again! I felt really bad for the elephants… Having to walk up and down a mountain all day with hundred of pounds on your back and an uncomfortable seat tied around your tail must suck. To alleviate a bit of my guilt, I bought some bananas to feed them.

There are also two gibbons you can visit, but after going to the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project (that’s for another post), I’m not sure I should have taken photos of them. But here they are anyway…

I have always had a thing for elephants, and even started an elephant collection years ago. Well, I certainly added to that collection during this visit! I bought: a handmade crocheted elephant, two elephant candles, an elephant change purse, and a Chang t-shirt. Chang was my favorite beer in Thailand and chang means elephant… so it’s what I named my new stuffed animal! I’m sure he’ll soon be best friends with 아기곰.

If you want to visit Kok Chang Elephant Safari, check out their website. Elephant trekking starts at 600 baht ($20) per person.

-Jen Pace


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