You Down Wit’ Ko Phi Phi? (Yeah, You Know Me!)

Actually, I was not down with Ko Phi Phi. But every time I think of the name I get that song stuck in my head…

I went there for an overnight trip on Thursday. First off, the ride there was horrible. The water was so choppy; I think I saw about five people puke. I felt a little queasy but luckily the contents of my stomach stayed intact. 🙂 We passed Phi Phi Ley on the way and the boat slowed down so everyone could take photos.

After we arrived on Phi Phi Don, those who had signed up for the snorkeling trip (that’d be me) transferred to another boat. Then we went about one minute away from the island and anchored amongst tons of other boats. The water was clear, and I saw some colorful fish, but in addition to running into another snorkeler every five minutes, I also happened to swim into a giant pile of trash! Ewww.

The main reason I didn’t like Ko Phi Phi is because it was crowded and dirty. Yes, Phuket isn’t the cleanest beach ever but I thought it was nicer. Also I thought it was hilarious that you had to pay a “cleaning fee” to enter this dirty island. I think Ko Phi Phi is good for the partying backpacker scene but that’s just not my thing anymore.

My hotel was nice though. I stayed at Phi Phi Casita and really enjoyed it. I liked the individual bungalows and the pool was pretty and refreshing.

Also, everything was a little cheaper there than Phuket. I had an awesome pesto pasta for $3 and you could get a bucket of liquor and mixers for about $5.

One cool thing is that there are no cars on the island. Which really sucks for the people who have to haul suitcases and whatever else around.

I didn’t get to try this but it sounded interesting…

The next day I had the option to take the boat back to Phuket at 9am or 2:30pm. I chose to go back earlier because I just wanted the day to relax!

The trip I took was called Phi Phi Islands Stopover. The price was right and the hotel was nice but the snorkeling and lunch were not good. If you could purchase the package without snorkeling and lunch then it might be better. There are tons of snorkeling trips you can sign up for once you get to Phi Phi Don. But, if you are set on going to Phi Phi then I think your best bet is to go camping on Maya Bay. It’s the only way to stay the night on Phi Phi Ley, where The Beach was filmed. I have heard good things but it seemed like too much of a party atmosphere for this solo traveler.

-Jen Pace



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