The Rest of Phuket

Well I’ve posted about so many activities in Phuket that it’s hard to believe I did any more. Oh, but I did.

On Monday, Lienna and I took the Viator “Phuket Introduction City Sightseeing Tour”. We visited Karon Viewpoint, Laem Phromthep, a cashew factory, and a jewelry store in addition to Wat Chalong. Well worth the $11. Laem Phromthep was absolutely stunning and there was a neat elephant shrine there as well. I also learned a lot about cashews and why they are so expensive (every cashew fruit has only one cashew nut and the nuts have to be peeled by hand!) and got to taste all the different flavors (I bought Tom Yum for Daniel and Sour Cream & Onion for me). We tasted cashew juice too but it was gross.

Karon Viewpoint

Laem Phromthep

Laem Phromthep

Laem Phromthep

Elephant shrine at Laem Phromthep

Elephant shrine at Laem Phromthep

Sribhurapa Orchid, the cashew factory


Monday night we went to Patong. It is the most crowded, most touristy, and dirtiest area of Phuket. Obviously not someplace I cared to visit but Lienna insisted so off we went. It was packed with tourists and annoying hawkers. We did get to see a nice sunset at the beach though and I’m glad we got to experience two different kinds of open air truck taxis (not technically tuk-tuks since they had four wheels not three?).

On Wednesday, we had treatments at the Diamond Cottara Spa. Right now they have a 40% off deal for morning spa packages. My two hour body scrub and honey cucumber facial was still over $60 but that’s at least half what I’d pay at home. And the facial was sooooooo relaxing… I kept falling asleep, then I’d wake myself up snoring, but I couldn’t help falling asleep again! Check out their treatments… Prices include transportation to and from area hotels.

Well, that’s it for my Phuket trip! Birthday celebration this weekend and Jeju Island next!

-Jen Pace


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