Happy Birthday to ME!

My 29th birthday was yesterday… It’s my last year in my 20s now so I should suppose I should try to enjoy it. I’ve been in a real funk lately and pretty homesick. First when I got back to Korea in June and then it really intensified when I got back from Thailand last week. I’m just not really happy with my job or my life or Korea at the moment. But hopefully I will snap out of it soon. I’ve got 10 more months to go!

On Sunday I had my birthday lunch at On the Border with friends and then did a little shopping.

Then yesterday Daniel, Jinhee, Philip, and I went out to Taj for dinner.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive so many cards and gifts this year. My friends in Korea are so thoughtful! Daniel finally got me the present I’ve been asking for since Christmas… A silver necklace with my name in Hangul. My other favorite was the neon slap watch he got me. Cheesy and perfectly me! 🙂

In other news:

I registered and paid for my first class for my MLIS! I will be taking “Collection Development and Management”… sounds kind of boring, huh? But I’m excited! I already got my books shipped here from Amazon.com and I also became a member of the American Library Association.

Last week we decided to cat sit to add some excitement to Bella’s life. Minzy was so sweet but the poor thing was terrified of Bella for most of the week. Eventually Bella wanted to be friends and at the very end they were hanging out together. Now Bella is back to being annoying so I think the solution is to get her a playmate! But I guess that might have to wait until we get back to America…

Last week we stopped by the riverside kiddie pools in Jeongja. It was so cold and refreshing!

So it turns out we might not get to go to Shanghai over Chuseok after all. Daniel had to renew his passport and I had to add pages to mine. So we might not have them back in time… 😦 Which means we will lose almost $500 (but at least we can get half our money back for the flights). Fingers crossed that the US Embassy doesn’t take their sweet time and we can go!

I had my first post on the official Korea blog today! That was pretty exciting. Even more exciting is the news I received yesterday… I am one of the six most active bloggers so I earned a free trip to Jeju Island in October! While I was super psyched, I unfortunately can’t even cash in on the awesome opportunity. 😦 I would have to take a day off work, and miss Daniel’s birthday, and we are visiting Jeju Island this weekend… It was still nice to be recognized!

While posting this I decided to reread the blog I wrote about the “Out West” trip my mom and I took for her 50th birthday three years ago… good times. The Grand Canyon and Italy are two places I really want to go back to and take Daniel.

Weird Korea Part 21: Since we currently have three fans going at all times in our living room (and the AC in our bedroom), I thought I’d introduce my readers to the wonders of FAN DEATH! Fan death is a widely held belief prevailing in South Korea that an electric fan left running overnight in a closed room can cause the death of those inside. Fans sold in Korea are equipped with a timer switch that turns them off after a set number of minutes, which users are frequently urged to set when going to sleep with a fan on. (Thanks Wikipedia, you always say it better than I could.) Needless to say, we’re still kicking. And on another note, fans in Korea are really expensive! Maybe they’re trying to dissuade us from an untimely demise?

-Jen Pace



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2 responses to “Happy Birthday to ME!

  1. mr.jimmy

    heppy birth day to return to you,i wish you heppy all year…….from your driver @ phuket, mr.jimmy

  2. Jen Pace

    thank you mr. jimmy!

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