Watching NFL Games in Korea

I posted about this last year, but I wanted to do a quick update on my situation.  As I said, it’s difficult and/or expensive to watch NFL games in Korea, with no perfect solution.  You’re either watching games live at ungodly hours of the night or watching them on demand/delay, avoiding friends and the Internet, perhaps for days at a time.

I got tired of waiting for people to post NFL torrents, so this season I rounded up some friends and we split the NFL Game Pass for KRW80,000 each, including the playoffs.  The idea is that this way we can get together and watch games each week in a social atmosphere on my buddy’s sweet TV/PC setup.  It’s still not perfect, but it’s the most workable solution I’ve found so far.

–Daniel Daugherty



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2 responses to “Watching NFL Games in Korea

  1. Younggook Lee

    Why don’t you try
    TVING serves ASN channel. (All Sports Network,
    It only costs $4 per month and is not illegal.

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