Parties and Movies and Travel Plans and Stuff

It’s been a busy two weeks!

Last Thursday, Lois and I celebrated our belated birthdays at Frypan with Ohee. We enjoyed fried chicken and beer and I got a beautiful mirror compact and Vera Wang Princess perfume.

Saturday I spent the day in Gangnam. I’ve only been there a few times since living here but I’d like to start going more often; it’s a really good area for food and shopping. And when the new subway line opens, we can get there even faster!

Daniel and I met for lunch at Taco Rico. I’d already eaten so I just had a ginormous and very strong margarita. Daniel had to drink most of the tequila out of it for me. He got a pork burrito, which was pretty good and spicy.

Then we saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes. It wasn’t my first choice but it was what Daniel and I compromised on and I was pleasantly surprised! It was really good. (I wanted to see Cowboys & Aliens, which I ended up seeing the next day, and it was a giant disappointment.) While at the convenience store stocking up on beers for the movie, I found Gambrinus! It was my favorite beer when we lived in Prague and I haven’t seen it since. Unfortunately, it wasn’t very good in a can…

Then we met Karen and Trevor for dinner at Big Rock Brewery. The beers there were pretty good so I’d definitely go back. Wasn’t impressed with their menu selection but I’d like to try their Sunday buffet brunch which is only 10,000 won.

Karen with her beer sampler

We finished off the night with beers at Crazy Hook, a pirate-themed bar. We had tried two bars before that but one was insanely expensive (15,000 won per beer!) and one insisted that we order food (common at bars in Korea).

This week at work was insane. We had two teachers whose last day was Friday and two new teachers come to replace them (and another teacher is leaving and getting a replacement next week). On Thursday we had our International Day Open House. Parents came, students performed songs and dances from different countries, then they went around to all the classrooms which were decorated with all the projects we’ve been working on in August for their specific countries. We also had photos, hotdogs, and lemonade outside. One session in the morning and one in the afternoon so it was thoroughly exhausting.

Friday night we had an overnight work retreat, which everyone was mostly dreading but it ended up being not so bad. After a bumpy three hour ride on a school bus, we arrived at our destination in the woods. There was a BBQ dinner, lots of drinking, and a noraebang shed.

In the morning I was able to really appreciate the beauty of our location (even through the hangover fog). It made me even more homesick for the beautiful NC mountains…

Saturday night was Karen’s going away party. I will really miss her, she is my closest “foreign” friend here and the one I can always count on to do fun stuff with me like go to festivals and on trips. Unfortunately I was extremely hungover so I wasn’t very much fun. We went to dinner, a bar, and an arcade before I called it a night. Next Friday I am going to hang out with her again and help her get her bags to the airport bus Saturday morning. You will be missed Karen! But we already have plans to meet up in America next year…

Today I went to see the movie Colombiana. It was a pleasant surprise as well and if you’re into female assassin action flicks, I would highly recommend it. I’ve also watched three good movies online lately (The Help, The Change Up, and Friends With Benefits) and two OK ones (Horrible Bosses and Bad Teacher).

I still haven’t gotten over my homesickness after being back in Korea for three months. I especially hate missing stuff. I guess I’ll just have to keep counting down… Congrats to Breanna who had her baby last week (welcome Easton!) and Tracy who got married two weeks ago! Also Zach informed me that he and Kelly will be getting married soon so that only added to my sadness. I am also missing Araceli’s wedding. And Susan is pregnant with twin girls! Daniel’s mom is getting married soon as well. I miss everything!!

aaron, easton, and breanna

tracy and scott

But there’s a lot to look forward to…

My first online MLIS class is Wednesday morning!

Ohee and I just signed up for eight sessions of hour long facials/massages. Sounds heavenly. The first one is next Friday.

Jinhee and Philip’s wedding is next Saturday!

We booked our room at Mingtown Nanjing Road Youth Hostel in Shanghai and leave in less than two weeks! If the Chinese government grants us our visas that is… we are applying tomorrow. I’m still upset at the outrageous fee they only charge Americans (over $200 while every other nationality is around $35).

I want to go to this Wine Harvest Festival on September 24th if anyone is interested in joining me!

I also went ahead and purchased plane tickets to the Philippines for Lunar New Year (January 21-24). Daniel took some extra vacation days so he will be staying for an additional four days after I leave. We are flying into Manila but I’m not sure where we’ll go yet, probably Puerto Galera. Suggestions?

And I’ve purchased one of the three flights I am taking over Christmas. Air Asia’s stupid website keeps declining my credit card even after I called American Express to straighten it out. So I have a ticket from Bali back to Seoul, but no ticket from Seoul to Singapore or Singapore to Bali… but I’ll figure it out soon. My Aunt Laura just emailed me photos of SkyPark in Singapore which looks awesome! I wish I could afford to stay at the hotel and swim in their amazing pool! But I found out Wicked is playing there on Christmas so I might go see that. Also I am interested in a good champagne Christmas brunch… any suggestions? Hotel suggestions for Singapore and Bali are also appreciated.

And… when I get back to America next fall I am planning a cruise to Alaska in August or September. Who wants to come??

Happy 14th birthday to my sister Callie today!

Weird Korea Part 22: I’m feeling too lazy so I’ll direct you to this blog: Things Korean People Like. It’s all true.

-Jen Pace


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  1. i thought the best actor in planet of the apes was the monkey. i was dragged there by a friend, but yeah thought it wasn’t bad. your work place sounds like fun!
    i also like that things korean people like list. it’s true! except not sure about the prostitutes, but i’ve lived a sheltered life.

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