Ten on Tuesday

Or 11 on Sunday… whatever.

1. Do you listen to the radio in your car? If so, what type of station do you like?
I do when I’m home in America and in a car with a working radio… Mostly the Top 40/pop stations, maybe a little country or 80s thrown in there.

2. What is the best concert you have ever attended?
I think I would have to say my first one ever, which was Powerman 5000 and Static X at Ground Zero in Spartanburg, SC. We said we were going to the opera at Bob Jones University with a group from school (which was happening that same night) and then changed out of our fancy clothes on the ride down. There was crowd surfing, and Shannon got kicked out for underage drinking but then got to go backstage with the band. Good times.

3. What is the most embarrassing concert you have ever attended?
Kid Rock

4. If you could have the singing voice of anyone in the world, who would it be?
Christina Aguilera

5. You’re auditioning for American Idol. What song do you sing?
I would never audition but… My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion.

6. If your previous weekend had its own soundtrack, what would be a few of the songs?
It was a crazy weekend. “I’m Fucking Wasted” by Adam Sandler comes to mind. Especially since I texted lines from the song to Daniel Friday night.

7. Most annoying television show theme song ever?
I really hate the theme song for Weeds (“Little Boxes”). Luckily they don’t use it in the opening credits anymore.

8. Are you and your significant other music-compatible?
Not at all. He likes weird British music and Ben Folds. But sometimes when we’re drunk we sing together… Counting Crows or the Beatles mostly.

9. A song that brings me back to middle school:
Anything by Nirvana

10. A song that brings me back to high school:

11. A guilty pleasure song (or three):
Faded by Soul Decision
Fuck You by Cee Lo Green
Blame It On Your Heart by Patty Loveless

-Jen Pace


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