Love and Marriage, Love and Marriage…

Well, there must have been something magical in the air this Labor Day weekend because three couples I know and love got married!!

My brother Zach and my now sister-in-law Kelly eloped to Sullivan’s Island on September 2nd.

Daniel’s mom Cindy tied the knot with Jason on September 3rd.

Also on September 3rd, our friends Jinhee and Philip here in Korea got married. We arrived early since Daniel was one of the wedding singers and watched Jinhee get her photo taken with her groom and guests in the “bride room”.

The families and groom stood around the entrance to the wedding hall to greet guests as well.

I have been to one Korean wedding before
but this was Daniel’s first and he was quite pleased with the cheesiness of it all. It went basically the same as the other wedding I went to. First, the mothers came down the aisle and lit candles and then the groom came down the aisle pumping his fists while strobe lights beamed off the walls. Next was the bride and her father. Jinhee and Philip didn’t have an officiant so their fathers spoke to them instead. Jinhee’s mother sang and then the highlight of the ceremony: Daniel on guitar and vocals singing “It’s All About You” (by McFly). I had never heard the song before but now I really like it. He was so nervous, never in our almost seven years together have I seen him like this! (Jinhee and Philip were so nervous too which was cute.) But he did great and everyone clapped along. It was a hit. Unfortunately I accidentally deleted the video I took of it!!! I am devastated. 😦 Hopefully we can get a copy of the DVD.

Then they bowed to both sets of their parents.

Last, the groom yelled something three times before they walked down the aisle together as husband and wife. But back they came! To take photos with family and friends. Another different tradition in Korea is to choose who you will throw your bouquet to beforehand. So we saw that as well. We thought we had time to go down to the buffet and eat before Jinhee and Philip’s traditional ceremony but we missed almost all of it! We were able to take a few photos of them in their hanboks before they left. I hope they are enjoying their honeymoon in Dubai and Switzerland!

In other news:

Wednesday was my first grad school class. I was really nervous! I didn’t know what to expect from the online format but it’s extremely organized. There is a button to press to raise your hand and another button to talk. You can also click a button to answer “yes” or “no”. For our first class we just reviewed the syllabus. At the end she asked a question and while I did think of an answer I didn’t raise my hand! I will try to have more confidence this week. 🙂 For homework this week we had to read the first chapter and it took me awhile! I really want to get it right. I am glad I am only taking one class this first semester as it is a bit overwhelming. There are six discussion posts and five papers we have to do! Also I am at a major disadvantage not being in the US as I don’t have access to big English libraries. For one project I definitely have to go to a library so hopefully I can get one of my Korean friends to guide me to the English section of the Bundang library!

I saw Bridesmaids for the second time Thursday and raise my review to 4 stars. I think some of my perception of a film’s worth depends on who I see it with!

Ohee and I started our facials Friday. Once again, I fell asleep and snored! I can’t help it; I am so relaxed!! The only part I didn’t like is when they hooked me up to some machine. I kept waiting for pain but it never came. Ohee said it is “ample”… Does anyone know what that means?

Friday was the last day for one of the foreign teachers at our school. His replacement is not coming for at least a few weeks so we are all going to be really busy until then… you will be missed Geoffrey!

Also Friday was Karen’s last night in Korea. We went out to dinner with Lienna and I was pleased to discover that Karen and I have the same favorite bulgogi restaurant! I stayed the night and helped her take her suitcases to the airport bus stop in the morning. I will miss her and I am jealous that she is back in America and I’m not!

Sunday we finally got a bed for two! Daniel and I have been squeezing into a single bed for 15 months now (with Bella for 10 of those months) so it was a welcome change. Yay!!

Today we went on a field trip to the Samsung Transportation Museum. I went there before with my old school but this time was better of course because my students now are much more well behaved!

audrey on the right is the cutest thing ever and my favorite ❤

first in flight!

best. photo. ever.

I have been trying to cook at least one meal a week that isn’t tacos… Last week was Peanut Broccoli Stir Fry and this week was Parma Rosa Sausage Bake.

Shanghai in three days!

Weird Korea Part 23: Bedding. Sheets, pillowcases, and blankets are incredibly expensive in Korea. Buying just 2 pillowcases, a fitted sheet, and the cheapest blanket in the store set me back $132. There are no “Bed in a Bag” sets either; you have to buy it all separately. And they don’t have top sheets! 😦

-Jen Pace



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3 responses to “Love and Marriage, Love and Marriage…

  1. don

    Here in the UAE it is very hard to find a fitted sheet…? All we can find are top-sheets. Weird!!!
    Please find a copy of the singing Danno… I would very much like to see and hear it.

    Your cooking looked really delicious.

    Congradulations to all the newly married people. Especially Daniel’s mom!! Congradulations Cindy!! Wishing you nothing but good forutne and happiness!!!

    Nice blog Jen!!

  2. Oh the bedding. What is that all about? I haven’t been able to find a double sheet at all.

  3. i just measured my bed and bought the sheets that were the closest to the size of my bed.

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